What You Need To Know About Homedics Back Massager


It has been over two years since Homedics back massager first hit the market. It is still one of the most popular and top selling massagers around today. Since it came out, there have been a lot of different changes that have been made and some have been very positive while others have not.

One change that has been reported is that several people have reported numerous injuries as a result of using the massager. This is because the company is no longer making and distributing a spare hand. You are supposed to use the same hand for both the head and the feet.

When you have a spare, you can always be certain that the person’s hands will fit into the message without issues. If the message was only meant to be used for one purpose, it is obvious that there would be a huge issue in fitting the hands into the device.

The problems you have had with the current Homedics back massager is definitely due to the fact that the company has decided to stop producing and distributing the product. The products were in demand, but they decided to stop production because they were not getting the orders they needed.

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If you were looking to order a product, then the previous complaints could be due to a decrease in customer satisfaction. You may think that the problem is resolved and that you are satisfied with your purchase. However, when you order from other sources, you are likely to get the same results.

It is difficult to determine the cause of the previous complaints about the Homedics back massager. If you have a spare hand, it is possible that you will not have any problems. This means that the older models are still effective and do what they are suppose to do. On the other hand, if you have the same type of massager that you have been using and it is not your fault, then you should not be worried about the complaints. It is possible that this is a sign of new designs that are not getting enough attention. Also, if there is a problem with the massager, then you should file a complaint.

If the complaints involve a recent model, then you can call the manufacturer to find out why the message has not been manufactured. You should also make sure that you are comfortable with the replacement costs you have agreed upon.

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If you were to call up and ask if a back massager is available, the sales representative will have a hard time explaining that the ones you are looking for have already been sold out. The same is true if the product is to be shipped.

A massager is not supposed to go to waste but you should not go out and waste your money on something that does not work. It is possible that the original back massager is still being produced but it has been discontinued.

One good thing about looking for a replacement is that you do not have to pay the full retail price for it. Many companies offer rebates and coupons so you can save money and still get the message that you want.

If you are looking for a massager that works well, then look for a massager that uses a larger motor. It is necessary that you get a back massager that is compatible with the original message because the new version might not fit.