First Aid Essentials: The Rule of Three P’s

When you are able and have the wish to help the person in emergency it is important to have a clear mind and know how to act and react. In this situation the rule of three P’s come to your help: preserve life, prevent deterioration, and promote recovery. These essentials can be learned at führerschein erste hilfe kurs and exploited in any kind of emergency. So, expand your knowledge and skills to feel confident, safe and be helpful.

Preserve Life

The life of the victim is to be of the highest value to you when providing the first aid assistance. So, aim to preserve the person’s life by any possible means. After you check the state of the suffered person, including pulse and breathing, apply CPR if necessary. Follow CAB principle – circulation, airway, breathing. Keep on until the expert medical assistance is there to care about the victim. 

Prevent Deterioration

Preventing deterioration means keeping the victim’s state stable as long as possible and preventing him or her from getting worse by all attainable means. This covers encountering safe locations, perforforming CPR, stopping bleeding, supplying with first aid, or just keeping the victims in comfort. This will allow you to save a person’s life and avoid complications and possible further injuries. 

Promote Recovery

To promote victim’s recovery you should not only care about the victim’s physical wellness but mental one as well. This may cover providing physical and mental comfort, encouragement, keeping confidence in soon recovery, relieving pain and anxiety, and more.

These tips and steps (take erste hilfe kurs münchen hbf) may differ regarding a certain emergency case but bearing basic first aid principles and rules in mind will save your life and the lives of the people around you and prevent things from getting worse until professional help is on the way.