Dental Implants: 20 Pros And Cons You Must Know

Dental implants sound like a scary thing, but perhaps things are only scary if you are not fully aware of what goes on behind it. Providing a solution for lost and broken teeth and even treat gum disease according to Pittsburgh Dental Implants and Periodontics, dental implants offer a faster healing process in comparison to other techniques.

If you feel like you might need effective dental implants and haven’t talked to your dentist yet, we have come up with the top pros and cons of the procedure to help you decide.

  1. PRO: Appearance

Dental implants offer you natural looking teeth, which means the procedure helps to improve its overall appearance. It uses metal hooks to support the teeth in place and matches the color to your natural teeth.

  1. PRO: Patient Satisfaction

This dental treatment procedure always leads to a high level of patient satisfaction, mainly because the implant usually only takes a day.

  1. PRO: Prettier Smile

With the right team of professionals, you will have the best and prettiest smile you could ask for. Dental implants assure that your teeth are well in place and that it still looks natural.

  1. PRO: Zero Negative Effects

Dental implants don’t affect your ability to eat, speak, and smile, so you can be sure that the procedure will always turn out great.

  1. PRO: No Teeth Movement

Implants are securely locked in place and will not move after the procedure.

  1. PRO: Tried And Tested Procedure

The procedure includes thorough testing to ensure that it leads to long-term success.

  1. PRO: No Damage

Unlike natural teeth, dental implants cannot damage the neighboring teeth.

  1. PRO: Longevity

Compared to dental bonding, which only lasts for a year or two, dental implants can last for more than ten years. Also, Pittsburgh Dental Implants and Periodontics shares that there is a 98% success rate with this type of procedure.

  1. PRO: Stronger Bite

Dental implants also give you the same bite strength as your healthy, natural teeth do.

  1. PRO: Convenience

Unlike dentures, dental implants offer ease and convenience plus better appearance.

  1. CON: Cost

While it is a good investment, it’s crucial to point out that dental implants are quite a complex and expensive process.

  1. CON: Surgical Procedure

A dental implant is a surgical procedure, and you need to be sedated for the surgery to carry out smoothly.

  1. CON: Healing Process

Even though the procedure usually takes a day, it has a longer healing process to allow the titanium screws to fuse with your bones.

  1. CON: Crown Replacement

The implants, also known as crowns, should still be replaced after 10 to 15 years.

  1. CON: Nerve Damage

There’s a slight possibility of nerve damage after the procedure which can cause numbness or pain in other teeth, gums, chin, or lips.

  1. CON: Sinus Cavities

Dental implants on the upper jaw can protrude to the sinus cavities and cause sinus problems.

  1. CON: Varying Quality

The quality of the procedure will vary depending on your chosen dental professional.

  1. CON: Same Day Implant Issues

There may be some issues within the day of your implant treatment, which is pretty normal since the body will need time to heal and adjust.

  1. CON: Soft Diet Requirement

After the treatment, a soft diet is required to prevent the implants from moving as it heals.

  1. CON: Temporary Same Day Implants

There are cases of temporary implants which require the replacement of a permanent one for aesthetic reasons.

Final Word

Like many dental treatments, there are always pros and cons to consider before you go under. Overall, as long as your dental professional suggests that it’s the best solution to your problem, you can hold on to the pros and be prepared with the cons.