Why Should You Consider Medical Cannabis Over Cigarettes?

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How many times you have faced a scenario where you took a drag of cigarettes to spill the smoke outside and then close your eyes to feel the effect of adrenaline and then open your eyes to see the glare of someone standing next to you. This is the story of every cigarette smoker. Before you take that next drag, please answer a simple question, what did you get by smoking cigarettes? Did you get that euphoric feeling, that ecstasy that you were looking? Or have you only got four smells on your body? That’s right, smoking cigarettes will never be able to provide you with the euphoric feeling that you were looking for.

Medical marijuana has emerged as a great substitute for cigarettes. In the past, many used to raise their eyebrows whenever they heard the name marijuana. However, medical marijuana is quite different from that. It is developed particularly by keeping in mind the need for medical treatment. However, it will give you that same euphoric feeling by causing less harm to your body. Yes, it will get you high and as a matter of fact, it will get you on a high way more and faster than cigarettes.

Also, another problem of smoking cigarettes is that when you smoke, the smell of the smoke makes everyone irritated. You will see many glaring at you. However, when you take a drag of medical cannabis, yes it will smell, but that smell will not be so foul and so choking that everyone will start glaring. Moreover, you can take a drag of medical cannabis discreetly in a public place which is almost impossible when it comes to taking a drag of cigarettes.

Thus, cigarettes provide no benefits whereas medical marijuana has a lot of benefits. So, it is only wise to switch to medical marijuana from cigarettes.