5 Things to keep in mind while going for RT-PCR test

The COVID-19 pandemic is still in effect in India, the UK and other parts of the world. This communicable disease is affecting millions at a time, making it challenging for our country to break the chain. In this scenario, it is notably vital to take the Covid RT-PCR test if one observes the symptoms. One infected person can infect hundreds if he is unaware of his condition. Therefore, to eradicate the disease, we all have to be cautious and alert. But how do we know the appropriate process to perform the test? Let us understand the basics of this reliable COVID-19 testing method.

RT-PCR Tests: Factors To Consider Before Taking The Test

Covid RT PCR Test is the sure-shot solution doctors recommend to confirm or rule out the chances of COVID-19. However, one must know about these little things that make a difference in the testing process.

Not All Labs Are Eligible For COVID-19 Tests

Always go to an ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) accredited lab for all kinds of COVID-19 tests. The government has authorised only selected labs to offer these services by qualifying the ones with all the advanced tools and medical equipment at their disposal. So, one should not take the risk of making random decisions in this case.

The Process of RT-PCR Tests

The process of sample collection for the Covid RT PCR Test is no different from rapid tests. However, the testing process is different and takes a bit longer. It can take about 48 hours to get the results.

Accuracy of Results May Differ

The accuracy of one test may differ from the other, depending upon the quality of examination and test kits. So, one should always opt for the best collection centres and testing houses to get the results.

Know The Best Time For Taking The Test

Taking the test two weeks after observing the symptoms may misguide the treatment. One should take the test within the first week to ensure the accuracy of the results. Also, the faster one starts the treatment, the greater are the chances of avoiding complications.

Always Follow Up The Test Results

If one tests negative for Covid RT PCR Test once but the symptoms persist for a longer period, it is better to take a follow-up test. Do not run the risk of assumptions with these tests.

Tips To Choose The Best Clinic For COVID-19 Tests

Many studies have claimed that none of the COVID-19 is 100% accurate. However, the Covid RT PCR Test is the most accurate of all. Nonetheless, there are plenty of testing kits available in the market. So, the accuracy of the test depends upon the clinics and their choice of kit. One must keep these few things in mind to get the most reliable results.

  • Do not wait too long after observing the symptoms of COVID-19. The results of Covid tests are the most accurate if the test is taken in the first week of symptoms.
  • Go to a reliable clinic and the one that is offering distinguished services for COVID-19 tests only. These clinics are likely to produce unbiased and accurate results than the ones managing all the rush.
  • Do not be too fanatic or agile while the clinician is taking the sample. The process will hurt more and may produce blood drops in the sample.

Covid RT PCR Test is by far the most credible testing option we have to confirm the presence of COVID-19 in the body. One should not panic if the test results come out to be positive! Consult a doctor and follow the safety norms to avoid complications. And always follow up the test results with the clinic!