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Top 5 Reasons to Get Gummy Bear Implants

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In the search for perfection, implants are the perfect solution. Their importance in the world of plastic surgery has driven innovation to find implants that are better, with a more natural look and lower risks of leakages.

Though silicone and saline implants are more popular, gummy bear implants are quickly drawing the attention of medical professionals and perfectionists. Here are five quick reasons why the implant is a better option.

  1. Better shape for longer

Shape is a critical aspect to consider when choosing your implant. With saline and silicone implants, the shape of the implant depends on gravity and breast shape. The gummy bear cohesive implant is slightly different.

The implant has a distinct shape which the breast conforms to as opposed to breasts determining the shape of the implant. As time passes, the breast holds the same shape it had at the time of the implant for better aesthetics.

  1. A more natural look and feel

Gummy bear implant is specifically designed like breasts. Once inserted, it adds more volume to the lower part of the breast and a gentle slope at the top. There’s no question that even after the addition of the implants, most women still want a natural look and feel. Gummy bear implant can achieve that through its design.

  1. No rippling or folding

Because of the movement of the contents of the implants, sometimes, rippling and folding occur with most silicone and saline implants.

Gummy implants have a cohesive gel with tight molecular bonds that prevent folding and rippling allowing you to have a smooth and even appearance at all times. Gummy implants have a tougher shell that does not fold or collapse easily for better, long-lasting results.

  1. No Leakages

One of the most significant concerns with having implants is the risk of leakage. It can cause a health scare, and in most cases, the implant has to be removed which calls for additional costs and procedure.

Typically, the shell of most implants breaks along the fold lines. Because gummy bear implants do not fold or ripple, the shell does not develop weak lines that can rapture. Also, the contents of the shell of a gummy bear implant are solid. It makes it impossible for the implant to leak even if the shell breaks.

  1. Less scarring

Most patients who opted to have a gummy bear implant over other options have less capsular contracture. Though there is no clear explanation for this, most surgeons believe it could be because of the firm nature of the implant which reduces the tendency of the body tissue to harden around the scar.

Although implants can help women achieve their dreams of having perfect breasts, they don’t come without risks. Gummy bear implants aim to correct errors and risks of its predecessors. Consult an expert before taking any procedure. Contact Premier Board Certified Surgeon in Miami Beach to speak with one.