Which is Better? Alcohol-Based or Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizers?

Today’s unhealthy atmosphere can be subsisted by the usage of hand sanitizers. Being one of the best practices for personal hygiene, it is also one of the perfectly qualified substitutes against hand-washes. Sanitizing with the best available brands are icing on the cake. These sanitizers have two available variants: alcohol-based and alcohol-free. Many prefer the alcohol-based ones due to their longer efficacies, but the alcohol-free products also help you maintain soft and moist skin. However, people should choose the base according to their skin type. Here are listed the benefits of using both the types and a guide to choose the best one:

Sanitizers with Alcohol-Base

  • 60-65% of alcohol-containing products are hugely efficient. They kill 99.9% of germs.
  • Ideally, higher alcohol percentages kill more germs, cleaning your hands, and leaving behind a smooth fragrance.
  • Higher alcohol-containing products are also certified by many healthcare units, justifying their effectiveness.
  • Contagious diseases and infections are better controlled by these sorts of products, the same confirmed by the FDA.
  • These products work on friction. Alcohol has a very low boiling point and gets easily evaporated on palms when being rubbed, not leaving traces of the same on the palms.
  • A drop of the product can serve the purpose if it is rubbed and dried properly.
  • Some of these products can cause dryness, using a moisturizer along with it can serve the purpose.
  • Distributeur de Gel ÖVO Labs provide government-approved alcohol-based sanitizers that also feature vitamin E concentrations.
  • Some products contain 65% alcohol, isopropanol, along with ingredients like aloe vera, tea, or denaturized alcohol. These act as added anti-bacterial or moisturizing agents.

Sanitizers without Alcohol-Base

  • These sanitizers might not be proven that effective.
  • These products are made of quaternary ammonium products instead of alcohol that might not be enough to kill germs.
  • They do not dry hands; instead, keep them a bit moist.
  • These products are devoid of any fragrance.
  • The fire hazards are very less and non-damaging.

It is always advisable to wash hands with soap and pat dry them when excessively dirty, but in the case when a sink is unavailable, sanitizer is the best available alternative that proves effective. The above information will help you choose and settle for the brand and product suiting your purpose as well as your skin type. And, pre-hand research will always help you out in smoothening your decision process.