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Why are essential oils better than medicines?

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Most of the medical doctors out there do not consider essential oils as therapeutic. Even if you tell them that you got healed with these essential oils without any kind of negative side effects, for sure they will never believe you. The reason behind their rationale is that in med school, all the students are repeatedly taught that all

effective meds have some negative side effect, and it is important for them so that they can be effective.

But the reality is that the Danger is in the Drug Itself

As a fact, the dangers of these medicines and drugs are inherent to the drugs themselves and not in the way they are administered. Even if the physician is careful at the time of prescribing the medicines and no matter how the patient is complying to the instructions given by the doctor, the damages and deaths occur due to these medicines. In fact, there are more than 100,000 deaths that happen every year from medicines and drugs. These are not from illegal drugs, or not from over-the-counter drugs, or not from drug abuses and even not from drug overdoses.

Medicines and drugs versus Oils 

Medicines and oils work in different ways. Or they are opposite as you must understand.

  1. Medicines have a tendency totoxify, whereas Oils detoxify. Medicines usually block and confuse receptor sites whereas Oils help in cleaning the receptor sites.
  2. Medicines make the immune system weak whereas Oils make the immune system powerful. Antibiotics that are prescribed by the doctor kill all the bacteria in the body indiscriminately which includes both the good and the bad. Whereas these Oilogic Oils only attack the bacteria that is harmful, and it allows the friendly bacteria of our body to flourish.
  3. Drugs only carry out a particular action in the body, no matter how much benefit it has to the body. Essential oils on the other hand restore the body to the original or to the state of a healthy balance.
  4. Drugs block receptor sites and the body gets tricked into believing that it is not sick anymore. There is a quick relief from their uncomfortable symptoms, but there is no long-lasting relief. On the other hand, essential oils work towards the healing of entire function of the body. There are no undesirable side effects. The body gets healed and there is no blockage of the receptor sites. In fact, the receptor sites open up.
  5. With Medicines, there are side effects but with Oilogic Care essential oils, there are no side effects.  

As a matter of fact, there is a multiple reason why people decide to have these essential oils blended in their daily routine. It could be due to stress, anxiety, depression or even body aches or insomnia to name a few. Aromatherapy has actually proved that a number of diseases or disorders can be effectively cured such as stress, headache, anxiety, depression, nausea etc.

Though you must always consider your doctor before trying your hand at aromatherapy or at least do a little research as to what is it that you are trying to get cured.