Top Reasons Why You Should Start Walking

Are you looking to add a new workout into your day? Well, look no further, walking can be a great way for you to stay fit and healthy. Walking is one of the most go to exercise for most people looking to either lose weight or simply maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Well, here are the top benefits of walking it doesn’t matter whether you are newbie or a regular walker.

Helps in Shedding Extra Weight

Walking is the perfect workout if you are looking to cut off a few pounds. Research shows that, you can lose close to 5 pounds after eight weeks of regular walking. More so, if you have a sedentary life and cannot find to workout you opt to walking to work if it’s feasible or  parking your car some distance from your office and walking the rest of the distance.

Boosts Your Heart Health

Scientists have reported that walking is the best exercises for people who have deskbound lifestyles to cut down risks of heart and cardio diseases. Additionally, studies show that seniors who walk for at least four hours per week were at less risk of cardio diseases. As such, ensure that you walk regularly to keep heart related complications away.

Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Deskbound lifestyles has led to the increase of the number of people suffering from diabetes. Health experts recommend that regular walking can treat type-2 diabetes. Additionally, you should spend more time on your feet, for instance instead of calling your workmate while at work visit his/her desk. This way you will help control your blood sugar levels.

Stronger Bones and Muscles

Once you hit 40, your bones start to get weak. However, this shouldn’t worry you, walking regularly does make your bones stronger. Additionally, walking being a low impact exercise will reduces risks of injuries such as, fractures. Having strong and healthy bones will improve your posture and stamina. What’s more it will also strengthen your back and leg muscles.

Keeps Your Blood Pressure in Check

A recent study carried out on patients suffering from mild hyper tension showed that after walking 10000 steps per day for 12 weeks showed a significant drop in blood pressure. Additionally, the patients’ stamina improved over the said period. 10000 steps can be too many but walking for close to half an hour per day will surely keep your blood pressure in check.

Makes You More Sharp and Attentive

Walking can actually make you sharp. Walking helps improve blood flow to your brain meaning your brain gets adequate supply of glucose and oxygen. This helps it function better. So next time you have your company meetings suggest to you workmates that you take a walk rather than the normal boardroom seating.

One thing that makes walking a stand out exercise is because it is simple and does not require any special training equipment or gear. Additionally, it is a low impact exercise compared to running that doesn’t put too much stress on your joints and heart.