Why Women Go for Plastic Surgery

These days more and more women are opting for plastic surgery in quest of beauty. Out of ten patients only one may be a man but it is most of the women that want to opt for plastic surgery and that too just to look more appealing.

Dr. Michael Miroshnik is an expert surgeon in this field and has come across many such cases. Very few women have some valid reason, such as some traumatic incident which has changed their life, to go for it. Here are some of the reasons that compel women to go for plastic surgery:

  1. Obsession for Beauty: Some doctors have found that many women that come to them for plastic surgery do not tell their spouses, children or their relatives about their decision for the surgery which shows their obsession for beauty. A very big number of these women do not bother to consult their families. The reason behind is that we live in a society where looks matter a lot and women, especially who are in show business, are ready to go up to any extent to change their looks.
  2. To feel more Confident: According to some people women go for plastic surgery not to please others but to feel more confident about themselves. Most of the women hide it from their husband or children that they have undergone plastics surgery to improve their eye lids, breast augmentation or facial features. They do this by giving excuses of all types.
  3. Influence of Films: A big number of single women want to have a match who may get influenced by their beauty. Instead of learning to love their inner selves, they get influenced by gossip magazines, Hollywood films or TV advertisements, and prefer to go under the knife. As the age advances, they do not feel as vibrant as they were in their youth and for this reason, they decide to go for plastic surgery.
  4. Psychological Adjustment: Many women go for augmentation to shape their big breasts, lips, or buttocks but they do not want people to notice the difference. There is a saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but these women are not satisfied with their beauty or figure. It is a universal truth that self-esteem comes from inside and not from the outer beauty. Actually you can say that it is a psychological adjustment for those women, who are not satisfied with themselves and want to be happy by opting for plastic surgery.

The latest figures show that anti-aging procedures are on the rise. Although this surgery requires good amount of money, rejuvenation of facial features like eyelid surgery, face lifts, fat transfer have experienced sudden rise recently especially in women. Breast reduction and augmentation, rhinoplasty, Brazilian butt lift, mummy makeover, and liposuction are some of the plastic surgeries common in women. If you also want to go for plastic surgery of any kind, you can contact Dr. Michael Miroshnik.