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Things To Do In Canadian Cities

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Going on a vacation in Canada doesn’t mean you have to follow maps and visit tourist traps during your trip. In fact going off the beaten path and exploring other quirky and less known attractions offered by different Canadian cities will give you better vacation stories to tell. Aside from the obligatory visit to the iconic Niagara Falls and possibly other usual tourist attractions like the CN Tower and Rocky Mountains here are other fun things you can do during your visit to Canada:

1. Howl With The Wolves

Who doesn’t want to share a vacation story that they howled with real life wolves in Canada? During the months of August and September people flock north to Algonquin Park to see wolf packs. Rangers in the park to their best to howl and call out the wolves, if successful the packs will answer back. It is wonderfully chilling to hear the howl of a wolf at close range. After the rangers have done their call guests are lead in a car caravan to get a chance to see the creatures closer. It is a thrilling and exciting way to connect with nature while on vacation.

2. Free Spirit Suspended Spheres

Planning to go camping while in Canada? Visit the so called Free Spirit Spheres in the forest of Vancouver Island. These large wooden spheres are suspended from the trees in the middle of the forest and look somewhat like large nuts or seeds. All you need to do to access the spheres is to take a short suspension bridge that leads to them and have a wider and better view of nature below you. This Canadian experience is wonderful for nature lovers and kids at heart that want to relive their tree house days in a different and quirky way.

3. Visit A Local Licensed Weed Dispensary

First of all, visit MMJ Canada on Facebook for all the details. What more is there to say except that weed dispensaries in Canada are definitely worth checking out? These licensed dispensaries also work with doctors and is fun to pop into while you’re in Canada. They have several locations in Toronto and Vancouver so you can drop by and take a look whenever you want. You can even fill up on your prescription or get a consultation with their doctors while you’re visiting.

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4. Take A Trip to The Enchanted Forest

Fancy going into a world of full of twists, turns, and mythical creatures? If so The Enchanted Forest in British Columbia, Canada is a must see. What once was an 8 acre land meant as a peaceful retirement haven for artist Doris Needham and her supportive husband Ernest is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area. The trail is full of Doris’ fun and enchanting sculptures like dragons, fairies, and dwarves. It is weird, fun, and worth driving to if you want something unique during your vacation.

Canada has a lot of quirky attractions for tourist to discover, depending on where you’re going. Stray off the usual tourist spots and find the weird and unusual instead. You’ll have more stories to tell that way.

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