How much does liposuction cost in Dubai

Considering the number of people suffering from obesity, one can easily have an understand how important liposuction is. It is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in Dubai and the costs for liposuction in Dubai too are very reasonable.

What is liposuction?

It is a process in which unwanted fat is removed from the body. It is done using suction. The procedure involves insertion of small, thin, and blunt-tipped tubes through tiny incisions in the skin. These tubes suck up fat from the body. The surgeon will move the tubes inside the body through specific fat deposit areas.

There have been a lot of advances in the way the procedure is done. The advances make the process much easy, precise and painless. Most popular procedures for liposuction in Dubai include:

  • Things you should know before the liposuction:Tumescent liposuction: In this technique, the surgeon gives local anesthesia and a tube is inserted. Next, an anesthetic solution is injected into the fatty tissue. The procedure is conducted after this.
  • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: In this procedure, ultrasound is used for liquefying fat. This makes it easy to remove the fat. This is particularly helpful to remove fat from the neck, back, sides and the upper abdomen.
  • Laser-assisted liposuction: It uses low-energy waves in order to liquefy fat. It is then removed using a cannula.
  • You will have to make several lifestyle changes after the surgery.
  • Choose the right doctor, not just the technique.
  • It is always important to consult a family doctor before getting them done.
  • Talk to people who have had the treatment. Take their reviews, and find out how they are coping after the surgery.
  • Take proper care and medication post the surgery.

Liposuction cost in Dubai

Liposuction comes under cosmetic surgery and it can be a little pricey. Liposuction in Dubai may cost something between 4000$ to 8000$. There are some clinics that offer cheaper services too. But it is always best to get the services done from a professional.

Before approaching a doctor or a clinic, see to it that the professional is highly qualified, and has expertise in the field. Don’t go for cheap services, go for someone whose services come for standard prices.

Are you planning to get liposuction done in Dubai? Are you looking for the best surgeons who have expertise in the field? Are you looking for the best cosmetic surgeon in Dubai? Then you will have to do a lot of research first.

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