9 Possible Side Effects of  Hair Transplant  Surgery

 You are not unique if you are looking for hair transplant in Chennai to restore your hair or hairline. There are many people who finally decide to go ahead with the hair transplant treatment. This hair restoration procedure is one of the best solutions to get your confidence back and to look good. As it’s a medical procedure and every medical procedure comes with some side-effects too. Therefore, before you get your Transplant done, we will let you know few of its Side-effects so that you can gain a clear picture. Some temporary and long lasting side effects of the Hair Transplant are discussed here-

  1. Hair Shedding

Usually when you will go for Hair Transplant, you will probably be thinking about growth and thick hair only. However, the truth lies with the fact that a lot of the patients encounter hair fall in the starting which is commonly called as shedding and is quite normal. The transplanted hair will fall out in 2-3 weeks and the new growth will start on its own and will become visible in few months.

  1. Bleeding

No matter you are getting FUT or FUE treatment, cuts and nicks are common which eventually leads to some blood loss during the procedure. Due to the nature of the process, the extraction of hair follicles is made using a sharp instrument, which can cause some amount of bleeding. Usually, this blood loss is very minimal and is controlled by pressing a gauze piece. If it increases somehow, then you should promptly consult your doctor. Furthermore, it is vital to share with your doctor if you are on any medication or if you have any bleeding related issue.

  1. Infections

With the best of facilities and right doctor, the risk of any infection is very minimum. In the case of any infection, antibiotics help to get relief from it within the short time.

  1. Pain

However, in most cases, the hair Transplant procedure is done after giving local anaesthesia to the patients, but as it’s a medical procedure, so it is bound with some pain especially during FUT procedure.  In the case of pain, the doctor will prescribe you some painkillers to get relief from the pain and the stretching sensation.

  1. Itching

Here comes, one of the most common side-effects of the procedure and is experienced by the majority of the people. Formation of scabs at the recipient site causes itching and to deal with it; doctors usually give a solution to spray on the area frequently.  Washing the scalp with a mild or medication shampoo after the initial week of surgery will also reduce the irritation. Always Remember a thousand tiny scabs can be formed; therefore, itching can be really annoying.  So one should not scratch at all as this otherwise could dislodge the newly transplanted grafts.

  1. Swelling

 A common side-effect experienced by the majority of the patients who have undergone the process. The extent and location of swelling may vary from person to person. Some may feel it over their head, around the orbital area or eyes, etc.  Although It usually tends to subside in a few days yet if it doesn’t then in a few days, consulting your doctor would be the best solution. But at Natural Hair Transplant, we have special techniques that will end you up with no swelling.

  1. 7. Numbness

 A numbing sensation is usually caused in response to the swelling. It is also a likely reaction of the body to the trauma. Furthermore, The numbness is often attributed to the cutting of nerves in FUT procedure. But at NHT, we avoid any nerve cutting leading to numbness.

  1. Scarring– If you are going with FUE, you will probably have some tiny micro scars which will usually disappear in a week or so. Moreover, when the new hair grows, these scars will be hidden. In a case of FUT, you are bound to have a linear scar which will also be hidden with proper hair growth and an intelligently decided style.
  2. Headaches

They are also common after surgery and is usually caused by the tugging that is created with the surgery. Usually, the patient gets relief from it within few days, but in the case of unbearable pain, a pain reliever should be taken as prescribed by the surgeon.

These side-effects are usually made clear by the NHT doctors before the treatment to ensure that every client we handle will be satisfied with our services and the outcome.