A List of The Best Brain Foods to Boost Your Cognitive Abilities

Your brain needs a certain amount of minerals and vitamins to help you focus, and having a balanced diet can provide you with the right amount of the nutrients necessary to keep you centered and sharp. When you maintain a balanced diet, you consume food that is rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals, and so on. These nutrients help improve your life expectancy and also boost your cognitive abilities.

The foods that are listed in this article are also known as superfoods because they provide energy and protect you against any brain diseases that may affect you as you get older.


Everybody loves blueberries; it is perfect for snacking or being incorporated in delicious desserts. Not only are they tasty, but they also come with many health benefits, one of which is its abundance in antioxidants. These tiny blue jewels also contain nutrients, vitamins- Vitamin K, Vitamin C- and fiber. Blueberries have flavonoids, these components are known to enhance spatial memory, as well as, reduce inflammation; it also protects the brain from any risks that are caused due to swelling.

These little berries are packed with high levels of gallic acid, and this acid protects the brain from any harm that is caused by stress and degeneration. The acid also gets rid of the toxic protein that tends to accumulate with age memory loss.


Beets are known to have an intense color and an overwhelming taste that can be intimidating to many people. However, it is universally agreed, that beets are a powerhouse of nutrients; they include a truckload of health benefits, making the root of the plant the most nutritious part of consuming.

Beets are known to reduce inflammation; they are rich in antioxidants and are an excellent choice in the prevention of cancer, which is done by expelling toxins that are present in the blood. The natural nitrates that are in beets help enhance blood flow to the brain. Increased blood flow means improved cognitive functions, which is why beets are considered a brain superfood.

Dark Chocolate:

Chocolate has a bad reputation for being unhealthy, but this notion does not apply to all chocolates. Dark chocolate is great for your health, it is mostly made of Dark cocoa and is packed with antioxidants, and they also have flavanols that includes anti-inflammatory properties. They even lower blood pressure and enhance blood flow to the brain.

Although dark chocolate is considered brain food, it does not mean that you consume all the dark chocolate you set your eyes on. Make sure that the chocolate you choose is organic and not treated, most chocolate produced today is processed, and this causes it to lose any nutritional value. Make sure that the chocolate you buy has at least 70% dark cocoa; darker the chocolate, more the nutrients.

The foods that are listed above are considered as brain foods because they help with cognition and memory, they also have vitamins to help focus your mind and be productive. If you find that the results offered by these foods are taking time, then you can always opt for a nutrient supplement from a verified source.