Surprising Causes of acne on the face

There can be a huge number of reasons for the appearance of acne. But among all this number, we have selected only those reasons that have turned out to be the most relevant today. Of course, most of them concern girls, but this article may also be useful for guys.

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You sleep on the same pillowcase for a year

We have already found out that a person should sleep for about seven to eight hours. Now imagine how much time a week, a month, and a year you spend on a pillow in a warm bed. Dust, oil, residual face cream – everything settles on the pillowcase, and then rubbed into your pores. All bedding (or at least a pillowcase) should be changed at least once a week. And do not forget to wash your face thoroughly and take care of it before going to bed

Gym workouts

You sweat while exercising. Sweat doesn’t cause acne, it can “trap dirt and oil on the skin and cause irritation. Cleanse your skin after exercise.

Bacteria on mobile

Mobile phones are exposed to bacteria – pressing the cheek and chin against the device causes fat to accumulate. Dirt can cling to the skin. This can predispose to acne in the right or left cheek area.


When trying to pop a pimple, you run the risk of pushing bacteria, pus, or dead skin cells into the pore. This can make the situation worse, increasing inflammation, leading to permanent scarring.

You are eating poorly

If everything is in order with sleep and you are calm like a boa constrictor, then maybe the problem is in your diet. Many foods that you love and eat all the time can be bad for your skin. Try to reduce your intake of carbohydrates and dairy products. Each person reacts differently to a particular food, so you need to keep track of what food your body does not accept or does not like.

Your hair products irritate your skin

Most skincare products are non-comedogenic, meaning they don’t cause acne. Hair products are not created with the same considerations. Therefore, you need to make sure that masks or hair serums do not drip onto your face on a hot summer day. Many do not pay attention to this, and then they start complaining about acne.

If you’re worried this might happen, keep wet wipes in your backpack. Advice for the future: rinse thoroughly everything from the hair, and if it is not required, then dry it so that nothing gets on the skin.

Acne is a common but complex skin condition that can occur in people of all ages – Telephone or video appointments are available – click here.