2020’s Most Popular Beard Styles

While a good beard will never go out of style, modern men who want to keep up with the times should know that some beard styles are more popular than others. Today’s beard lovers view facial hair as an expression of a man’s personality, so choosing the right one is essential. Read on to find some tips for styling your beard to match current trends.

Rounded Beards

Messy beards are out in 2020. This year, men are focused on keeping themselves looking prim and proper, and rounded beards are a perfect reflection of that ideal. Rounding the bottom edge of an otherwise unruly beard will make it look cleaner and more refined.

To get this style, all men will need is a pair of high-quality barber scissors. Use them to create an arch that peaks beneath the chin, starting at the corners and cutting toward the middle. Length is still strictly a matter of personal preference, so don’t feel obligated to cut off months of growth.

The Fade

The fade may be one of the oldest hair cutting techniques in barber’s repertoires, but it’s only recently that it has become popular as a means of trimming facial hair. Today, it’s one of the most popular looks. A faded beard should have crisp, clean edges and blend naturally into the skin.

When it comes to styling the fade, there’s still plenty of wiggle room. It can start as high or as low as the wearer wants and can be trained into a tip using beard products or left au naturel. While most men style their faded beards at home, it’s usually best to head to a skilled barber for the initial cut since pulling off a clean fade can be a serious challenge.

Extended Goatees

This modern take on the traditional goatee offers the best of both worlds. Men can get the full-bearded look without having to spend as much time on maintenance. Sometimes referred to as the tailback beard, this style is created by cutting a full goatee that forms a tail on each side to the back corner of the jaw.

What’s nice about this beard style is that it still allows men to maintain their thick, full, luxurious goatees. All they’ll have to do is ditch the sideburns and shave down to the beard’s bottom edge. Feel free to try cutting this one at home.

The Verdi

Giuseppe Verdi first popularized this classic style many years ago, but it’s making a comeback. This style is similar to a full beard. The difference is in the mustache and the goatee. The mustache should float above the beard, and the goatee should be trimmed into a soul patch to get this timeless look right.

The best way to rock a perfect Verdi is to head to a barber for the initial cut. Once that’s done, most men can use their favorite razors and styling products at home to keep their beard looking clean and neat.

The Bottom Line

This year, fashion-conscious men are sporting a mix of thoroughly modern and timeless styles. Some can be cut at home, while others require the help of a barber. Maintaining any of these styles will also take high-quality beard products.