Teeth as an important part of the body- How to take proper care of it?

There are many dentists who provide services for teeth whitening, but they may quiet expensive. To solve this issue there are discount health products which allow patients to whiten their teeth at their own homes. The best way product is the crest whitening strips. Some brilliant features are:

  • These whitening strips are act as bleaching powder
  • They help to maintain healthy, white, natural colour of the teeth
  • These are thin sheets of small plastic
  • These strips contain a gel which contains the whitening substance
  • They help to remove the stained yellowish colour of the teeth

How to use these whitening strips?

  • Firstly, each strip has a liner on it, to use the strips these liners are supposed to be removed
  • The side which contains the gel should be facing the teeth and then placed on it
  • Press it very carefully so that each part of the enamel is covered
  • Extra part of the strip is to be pushed backwards
  • This process is repeated as the dentists prescribe

The usage of the crest whitening strips depends upon some factors like:

  1. The colour of the stained teeth- If the colour is very prominent and quiet visible then the times of using the strips increases. On the other hand if the teeth are slight yellowish colour then the times of usage may decrease.
  2. The age of the patient– Age is very necessary as if the teeth are of a young child then the usage is for less number of times because it may cause him trouble to handle it. On the other hand if the discount health products are prescribed to an adult then the usage may be more as adults can manage these strips very conveniently.