Addressing The Confusions On The “Delta 8 Drug Test.”

First, let’s address the question of “Is Delta 8-THC psychoactive?” The answer is “Yes.” However, the euphoric effects caused are somewhat lesser than that of the Delta 9-THC variant but are still existent. Lately, the use of this variant is generalized in gummies and cape cartridges as a remedy to health concerns, but the probability of showing up on the Delta 8 Drug test is still a prevalent question.

Will consumption of Delta 8-THC show up on a drug test?

Unfortunately, yes.

The functionality of drug tests is not to detect the trace of drugs in your system but detect the resulting metabolites. You might consume Delta 8 for its medicinal properties as a relief, but its impact on your urinal secretion and body fats won’t help you prove that even if it’s been a long time. The metabolites evident in your drug test are incapable of being distinguished as Delta 8 or Delta 9 (Marijuana), which is not good news.

Why is the difference between Delta 8-THC and Delta 9-THC undetectable?

Delta 8-THC is an isomer of Delta 9-THC, the main reason for their proximity in chemical composition. The only difference is where a double bond between two carbons is located, resulting in almost similar structures. Another point to this issue can be the impure samples of Delta 8-THC available in the market. Due to lack of regulation, sometimes Delta 8-THC samples might have traces of Delta 9-THC in it, which however does not cause a significant difference.

How can failing a drug test be avoided considering the requirement of Delta 8 consumption?


There is no definite answer to this question. However, understanding how exactly our body remembers the consumption of Delta 8-THC can somewhat help you.

  • Urine test.

The waste produced due to the metabolites caused for Delta 8 consumption is ejected from your body through urine, leaving traces till a period as small as 4 days to as long as 1 and a half months, depending on your consumption frequency.

  • The intoxicating and hallucinatory effects.

Saliva, blood, hair follicle tends to remember the consumption for varied periods depending on the dosage, frequency, and dilution of the consumption.

To determine how long the traces will stay in your body and show up in the Delta 8 Drug test, the nature of your consumption plays the principal role. If you’re a new consumer, your body metabolism will tend to forget it quicker, whereas, if you’re a chronic consumer, the metabolism of your body will get eventually habituated to it and will tend to remember it for longer intervals. Drinking lots of water, however, can help your body flush out the resulting metabolites out of your system comparatively faster.