Necessary Supplies for Emergency Assistance at the Enterprise

If an accident occurs in the enterprise, employees and managers of all levels must know the procedure in advance. Sanitäter für Events München is the perfect tool for learning the first aid rules. To ensure safety, the employer must in advance equip the enterprise with everything necessary:

  • First aid kits and other medical kits. All medicines and medicines must have an expiration date and be regularly updated.
  • A separate room to help the victim. This will help position the victim in a safe place without delay.
  • Devices, warning systems, and other devices that allow you to quickly generate an alarm.
  • Means for the evacuation of personnel, as well as their transportation.
  • Safety equipment. This point is important in industry-specific industries.

In accordance with the program of state guarantees, in the event of an emergency call for an ambulance, their arrival time should not exceed 20 minutes. Ehrenamt sanitätsdienst münchen states it takes a few minutes to provide first aid. If an accident occurs, quick help learned from johanniter sanitätsdienst münchen will help keep the victim conscious, and doctors will be engaged in further work to restore health.

First aid skills for workers

First, you need to clarify the definition of first aid – sanitätsdienst veranstaltungen münchen will help you. Unlike first aid, it can be provided by a person who does not have a medical specialization. Also, for the provision of medical care, the capabilities of hospitals, medical transport, and special equipment are used.

To provide first aid, you need to perform the simplest steps that increase the chances of recovery. It is recommended to have employees on staff who are familiar with the features of first aid, especially if the work is associated with physical labor, machinery, and there is a risk of injury, poisoning, and other damage.