Scabs on scalp? Know the Reasons First!

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A majority of people have gone through this problem. Scabs on the scalp is quite a common problem among people, and it may arise due to many reasons such as the itchy scalp, dandruff, lice, etc. do you know that any of these scalp conditions can lead to this problem? Here, in this blog, you will come to know about the reasons. 

If you are wondering what this condition is and how serious it can be, then read this blog. Here you will come to know many about many unknown facts as well as the reasons of scabs on the scalp

A scab is a basically big or small patch of skin that gets drier excessively than its surrounding skin. Other areas of the scalp will give you a smooth feeling while you touch, but scabs will be rough and hard. Scabs may turn bigger with several patches forming together. 

What are the main reasons of scalp scabs?

There can be several causes of scalp scabs, such as dandruff, lice, allergic reaction, or seborrheic eczema. Depending on the reasons, the treatments are provided. Most of the times, scalp scab is treated with targeted medications. 


  • Lice on the hair


Lice can be highly contagious as it flies from one person’s head to another. Head lice cause itching, and if you scratch your head for long, it may lead to scab. Well, head lice do not carry any serious ailments and injury. But they need to be removed or controlled the right way because it is unhygienic and makes you embarrass socially. 


  • Shingles


It is the same virus that causes chickenpox. It remains dormant in the body and appears as if you have had chickenpox. When it is reactivated, it causes shingles. They not only affect the skin but also the scalp. Shingles mainly appear as tiny blisters that turn yellow and crusty over time. A rash may occur due to shingles, and it can be too painful and lead to facial weakness or headaches. 


  • Eosinophilic Folliculitis


It is a non-contagious disease that leads to pus-filled sores that are itchy. When they started to heal, they leave dark patches on the skin which look really bad. This type of condition occurs when someone is at the advanced stage of HIV. The scabs can spread fast and relapse as well. 


  • Contact dermatitis


The presence of chemicals in cosmetic products such as hair color or shampoo sometimes contact dermatitis. Some other things like jewelries and fabrics etc. also cause the same issue. When you scratch, it leads to bleed and scab formation. 


  • Seborrheic Dermatitis


Dandruff is said to be one of the most common skin conditions that can cause scabs on the scalp. Itching, dry flakes of skin,and stickiness of hair are some of the common symptoms of this disease. 


  • Acne


Most of us know that acne causes pimples and blocked pores on the face and those areas where hair follicles are present. When they get clogged due to oil, sweat, or dead cells, it leads to acne or scabs on the scalp.