Health Benefits of Tea

For thousands of years, tea has always been a popular beverage any time of the year. It can be enjoyed both hot or cold. Most of us must have tried either a hot cup of tea or a chilling ice-tea, or probably even both. The refreshing taste is typically very enjoyable. But perhaps you don’t know that this tasty beverage also comes with a lot of health benefits as well. Tea is one of the best ways through which you can both consume plenty of fluids as well as nourish and heal your body.

Most people like to have their tea in the morning with breakfast, but others drink it frequently throughout the day. The most common teas are herbal and green tea and many folks prefer to add a bit of milk and sugar. Its also popular to add ginger and other stuff like cinnamon to enhance the flavor of a tea. Regardless of how you drink your tea, you likely feel very energetic and active throughout the day when you consume tea regularly.

Tea is full of antioxidants and its health benefits have been documented in scientific studies undertaken in numerous countries around the world. Tea comes with many varieties like lemon tea, green tea, English breakfast tea, herbal tea etc. Herbal tea has no caffeine, green tea has a small amount, while the other kinds have little caffeine when compared to coffee.

Tea helps us in reducing risk of heart attack and stroke. It also helps people in reducing weight. A study shows that drinking green tea regularly has helped many people in shredding those extra pounds which they’ve had for years. It has also helped them in increasing their immunity power. A regular cup of this amazing beverage can help you fight cavities and make your teeth stronger as it helps in maintaining the pH level in your mouth. Its also been observed that tea helps in preventing bone density loss.

Tea (especially green and herbal) does not have any calories and hence it proves to be a good alternative of drinking something flavorful other than water. This helps explain why tea has recently become very popular among fitness freaks. People who are trying to remain fit should definitely consider drinking tea regularly.

Its important to choose your tea carefully, as there’s many brands out there of questionable quality. You should look at the ingredients before purchasing tea and note the details like compositions, extracts, artificial flavorings, etc. For some people, organic and non-GMO certifications are also crucial.

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