Success after Prescription Drug Rehab: 4 Benefits of Moving Somewhere New

Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic. More than 15 million people abuse or are addicted to prescription drugs, and that number continues to grow. Fortunately, sustained recovery is possible if you get the help you need. Rehab alone won’t fix the problem, however. In order to be successful, you will have to make permanent lifestyle changes, such as relocating. Following are four benefits of moving somewhere new after completing prescription drug rehab Delray Beach, FL

Start with a Clean Slate and a Fresh Beginning

A new city represents a new chapter, a new beginning. For many, a new beginning allows them to seek out new friends, new activities and new habits. A new beginning also has profound psychological power. It allows you to shape your life the way you want it. New beginnings are important. In fact, recovering addicts are more likely to succeed if they move somewhere new. 

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Get Away from Old Habits and Connections

Addicts have an endless supply of unhealthy relationships. In addition to the people who encourage them to use, they have people who enable them and a network of dealers at their fingertips. If you want to break the cycle of prescription drug addiction, you must change your network entirely. The easiest way to do so is to change zip codes and to move far enough away so that your old influences will have no power over you. 

Improve Odds of Finding a Good Job

Addicts build up a certain reputation, especially if they live in a small community. What’s more, most addicts have some sort of criminal record related to their addiction. All of this and more can make it difficult for them to find a good job. If you’re searching for work, you will likely benefit from applying for a position in a new city. Being open to relocation also increases your pool of felony-friendly companies to apply to. 

Chance to Stay at Stellar Halfway House

Staying at a halfway house greatly increases your chances of a successful recovery. However, not all halfway houses are created equally. A good sober living facility will keep you accountable while offering invaluable peer support. Living at a halfway house will also give you a chance to get a job and get established before you have to live on your own. 

If you’ve recently been discharged from a prescription drug rehab in Delray Beach, FL or elsewhere, you should consider relocating to a new city. Relocation gives you a new beginning and allows you to establish a positive network for a sober future. It also allows you to avoid the negative influences that contributed to your addiction.