Comparing Laser Liposuction and Coolsculpting in Toronto

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Everyone wants to lose that extra annoying area of fat on the body. A lot of people consider cosmetic fat removal procedures as a way to get rid of that additional fat. Many people, however, want to avoid surgical procedures like liposuction. Fortunately, there are new ways for people to get rid of problematic fat in areas of the body that stubbornly resist weight loss. Laser liposuction and coolsculpting in Toronto are two methods that help reduce or remove unwanted from the body without resorting to surgery. But is laser liposuction or coolsculpting right for most prospective patients?

Comparing the two fat removal procedures

Both laser liposuction and coolsculpting share a significant amount of similarities. Each treatment is minimally invasive surgical procedures, require little recovery time, and give the reduced appearance of unwanted fat on problem areas of the body.

To start, both cosmetic procedures help reduce the appearance of excess fat in problematic areas of the body, including the

  • Upper arms
  • Upper thighs
  • Stomach, such as the pouch area
  • Love handles, also known as the flanks
  • Under and alongside the chin

Even though both procedures target the problem areas of the bodies of patients, they have some differences. For example, the type of noninvasive procedure that characterizes both procedures differs somewhat. Laser liposuction requires little surgery to perform, while coolsculpting is entirely noninvasive without piercing the skin.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction requires little surgery and patients need local anesthesia to numb the target treatment area. It is safe for people with different skin types.

The procedure works similar to liposuction, where the provider places an instrument under the skin to liquefy and suck the fat out of the skin. The procedure has a short recovery time of just a few days, and patients are able to see results in as little as three weeks.


Coolsculpting reduces the appearance of problematic fat like laser liposuction, but there are some differences. The cosmetic treatment has shorter recovery time and the actual procedure takes less time as well.

The procedure involves the freezing and removal of fat cells with the use of a coolsculpting applicator. A coolsculpting in Toronto provider first applies a topical gel pad with a numbing agent that cools and numbs the treatment area. The applicator is then placed on the pad and begins applying suction to the treatment area. After the suction process, the provider removes the suction applicator and begins to massage the treatment area to facilitate the redistribution of the eroded fat cells.

After the treatment, the processed fat cells start to get absorbed by the body and reduce the appearance of unwanted fat in the treatment areas. Results usually start to appear after as little as three weeks. The best coolsculpting results develop up to four months following the initial procedure, as the body of the patient continues to process out dying fat cells.

Either laser liposuction or coolsculpting in Toronto might be beneficial for people looking to change the appearance of problem areas of their body. Coolsculpting in Toronto might be the best option for people looking for a noninvasive cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted fat from their body.