Foods that Fight Chronic Pain in Type 2 Diabetes

Chronic pain is a common problem faced by diabetics. However, there are various foods beside Capsules CBD that help lessen the pain. These are:

Olive oil

The benefits of olive oil are numerous. It’s full of antioxidants which inhibit the mechanism of the pain. Therefore shifting to olive oil will lessen your chronic diabetic pain.

Whole grains

Whole grains consist of lots of fiber which helps in loss of weight and buffers the high carbohydrates that raise blood sugar and trigger an inflammatory response.

Also, whole grains are full of vitamins and minerals which miss from processed grains. For instance, whole grains have lots of magnesium which reduces muscle pain, making whole grain one of the foods that fight chronic pain.


The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, as well as some other cold water fish help, fight chronic pain since they have vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D leads to chronic pain in joints and muscles.

Most people don’t get enough sunshine, so any source of vitamin D will help lessen neuropathy.


The high levels of calcium and vitamin D in dairy foods result in stronger bones, and that reduces the chances of skeletal problems. But dairy products are known for inflammatory effects too.

Like type 2 diabetics, most people avoid drinking milk. Lactose is a kind of sugar, and cheese is packed with calories. Besides the calories and insulin problems, milk products can make chronic pain graver by heightening inflammation.

Turmeric and Ginger

Turmeric is commonly used in Indian cooking, and it has been proven to lessen the inflammation in arthritis patients. Also ginger has analgesic action similar to aspirin. Many people take it as a supplement for nausea and dizziness, but it also helps in reducing the pain of arthritis. So it is an excellent food that fights chronic pain.


Spinach is vitamin K that promotes strong bones and healthy joints; It also lowers pain. One cup of raw spinach has more than the daily requirement of vitamin K. However, vitamin k is a blood thinner, and you need to talk to your doctor before eating spinach daily.


There is lots of vitamin C in strawberries and blueberries. Add to that all the antioxidants in berries of all kinds, and you have a powerful aid to fight chronic pain. Eating berries slow the loss of cartilage in joints, one of the major causes of chronic pain in arthritis.