How To Become A Surrogate Mother? Here’s What You Need To Know

Thanks to modern medicine, couples who struggle with conception can connect with a gestational carrier Raleigh to make their dream of becoming parents come true. Since gestational surrogacy has become one of the most popular methods when it comes to third-party reproduction the need for healthy surrogates has increased.
Women who are interested in volunteering must first know some facts about surrogacy. These are a few basic facts about becoming a gestational carrier and how to determine if you are a great candidate:

Initial Screening Requirements

A responsible gestational carrier Raleigh based partner will start off by providing some screening requirements for women interested in becoming surrogates.

While fertility clinics can have their own set of requirements, these are some of the common qualifications that are needed to qualify:

  • Age Range – The American Society of Reproductive Medicine highly advises that all surrogates must fall between the age of 21 to 45 to qualify, but a clinic may change the age range depending on the preference of the parents.
  • Lifestyle – A surrogate must also live a healthy lifestyle which means they shouldn’t be smokers or take any illegal drugs.
  • Previous Pregnancies – All surrogates must have previously carried at least one successful pregnancy, but nothing over three c-section deliveries and no more than five normal, vaginal births.
  • STD Free – A candidate must be free of any treatable STDs for the last 12 months or more.
  • Medication – Some clinics will be strict and require surrogates to discontinue any anti-anxiety or antidepressants during and at least 12 months before surrogacy starts.
  • Ability To Travel – Since not all surrogates live within the same city as the clinic and parents it is also a requirement that the candidate can make it to all appointments regularly.
  • Postpartum History – All candidates applying for a surrogate position must be honest and declare if they have or have not experienced postpartum in the past.

Other Necessary Requirements

After passing the initial screening requirements, candidates will go through another screening process. These are some elements to expect after passing the initial screening:

  • Physical Examination – It is a must that the candidate meet with the fertility expert for a full physical assessment which will include lab work, drug tests, etc to ensure you are healthy.
  • In-Home Assessment – A social worker may or may not meet with you in person at your home to get to know you, your goals, and reasons for becoming a surrogate. This is also a good way for professionals to assess if your home is safe, caring, and healthy for a baby.
  • Complete Background Check – To ensure the safety of the baby and the parents, all candidates must consent to a criminal background check.
  • Mental Health Evaluation – Before becoming a surrogate mother, candidates must pass a mental health evaluation for their sake, the safety of the baby and their future parents.

Becoming a surrogate mother is an honor and as long as you are mentally and physically healthy you can help others become loving parents to their own genetic baby.
When you become a gestational carrier Raleigh, you partner with couples who want to have a child but cannot get pregnant or cannot carry a pregnancy.