Cranberry Supplements for UTI

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UTI, or Urinary Tract Infections, result from a buildup of bacteria in the bladder, ureter or urethra. These bacteria cause inflammation and may lead to swelling, difficult or painful urination, or even a more serious infection of the kidneys. Cranberry supplements may help to reduce these bacteria and prevent UTIs before they start.

About UTIs

Urinary tract infections typically occur when an overgrowth of bacteria causes problems with urination. While this condition is not life-threatening and it will usually disappear on its own, the symptoms can definitely prove bothersome. In rare cases, the infection may spread to the kidneys and cause the sufferer further problems. In some people, UTIs can be a chronic condition that must be treated with antibiotics and other drugs designed to ease the patientís suffering. Cranberry juice has long been known to help relieve some of the symptoms associated with these infections, and it may even help to stave off the infection if it is consumed on a regular basis. For help connect with Birmingham Prostate Clinic.

How Cranberry Juice Helps

Cranberry juice can help fight UTIs because it contains two different substancesófructose and proanthocyandinsóthat work together to provide relief and to prevent the bacteria from colonizing within the urinary tract. Fructose is a plant-based sugar that is found in most fruits, including cranberries. Proanthocyanidins are a form of tannin that has an astringent property. When cranberry juice is consumed in liquid form, both of these ingredients are delivered directly to the source of the problemóthe bladder, the ureter and the urethra. The two ingredients working in tandem can help to ease the symptoms of existing infections and prevent new infections from taking hold.

How to Use It

People who are interested in using cranberry juice to fight off urinary tract infections should drink at least 10 ounces of the product per day. Cranberry juice does contain calories and sugar, however, so those on diets or who are diabetic should look for light and sugar-free versions of the juice. Most of the juices found on the market today are cocktails, meaning that the actual cranberry juice is mixed with other types of fruit juice in an effort to reduce the tartness. To overcome this, it is important to find products that contain at least 30% cranberry juice; if the concentration is any lower, the product simply will not be effective.

Concentrated Cranberry Supplements

Consumers who are not able to find a cranberry juice cocktail they like may also be able to purchase concentrated juice supplements from a natural supplement catalog. You should be sure to follow the manufacturerís instructions before taking this product.

Before beginning any cranberry juice regimen at all, patients should be sure to speak with their physicians. This is especially true for anyone who suffers from chronic urinary tract infections or other problems with the bladder or kidneys.