How Do I Decide Which Breast Surgery is Right for Me?

We all have a part of our body that we’d love to improve upon. Whether nature left us with asymmetry or life took a direction that led to body changes we aren’t happy with. Breast surgery is one of the most frequently requested cosmetic procedures, ranking up there with the rhinoplasty procedure.

There are any number of reasons that someone might be seeking out breast surgery, each as personal and unique as the person his or herself. Each surgical procedure is designed to help patients get the shape and silhouette that helps them feel better and look better. Before you take the plunge and schedule a procedure, learn a little bit about each one. This will allow you to make the best informed decision about any changes that you opt to make to your body.

Learning more about breast implants

Breast augmentation, or breast implant surgery, is the option that you’d select if you are looking for larger and fuller breasts. Implants can also be a great option if your breasts are asymmetrical. If multiple pregnancies, the natural aging process or weight loss have led to a loss of breast density then implants could be your answer. Dr. Justin Perron offers solutions that will look beautifully natural while also restoring a sense of confidence in patients who have long felt discouraged by what they see in the mirror.

Learning more about breast reductions

Those who have larger breasts can often feel pain and discomfort as a result of having lived a lifetime with a larger chest. A breast reduction can help to trim the size down to one that is much more comfortable. Working with your surgeon you can determine which size will feel most comfortable for you, while still giving you a natural look that you love.

Learning more about breast lifts

Breast lifts are a great choice for those who are not concerned much about the size of their breasts. Lifts can raise up each breast and offer a much more youthful position for them. A breast lift is the right choice for someone who has seen their breasts start to sag as a result of pregnancy or simply the natural aging process.

Things to keep in mind

The goal of cosmetic procedures is to produce natural results. Discussion realistic results with your surgeon can help you to determine the perfect size for your frame. It’s important to keep in mind that subsequent pregnancies or extreme weight gain and loss can have a marked impact on your new breasts. Be certain that you are at a stable weight that has been maintained for at least six months.

It can be tempting to consider going up quite a few cup sizes, to finally get the results that you’ve long dreamed of. The concern with this is that you could now find yourself facing the very same discomfort and pain that leads women to consider breast reduction surgery.

Be realistic about your goals and about your results.

Breast surgery can help to transform your life, restore your youthful confidence and leave you in love with the way that your silhouette now looks.