Airlines in Some Countries Will Suffer More due to Pandemic Says Israel Figa

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the airline sector. When people were stopped from traveling because they were carrying infections with them to other countries, the airlines started suffering a major loss. In addition to that, many airlines were limited to only a certain number of destinations because the countries that were affected with the pandemic the most were blocked in a way. Now, you can safely say that the airlines of almost all the countries are suffering big time. However, there are certain countries whose airlines will suffer more. 

This is what Israel Figa has to say about the airlines of these countries. However, you have to look into the details to know what he means by that. Israel Figa usually has a very deep insight about things that most other experts don’t. Let’s get into the details and know what he really means when he says that the airlines from certain countries will suffer big time. 

Countries with Weak Testing  

Certain countries have proven over the course of time that they are either not serious or very casual with their testing of the people. The world is not taking the issue of testing the passengers for the coronavirus infection lightly. They are serious about this matter and that’s why there is a talk of the vaccine passports as well. However, some countries are still taking things lightly and not checking and testing people who are going out of the country. In these cases, what happens is that people are able to get out of their countries, but end up in quarantine in other countries. 

So, the countries in which the governments are not implementing strict testing parameters, they will suffer a lot in terms of traveling. Their airlines are not being allowed to travel to other countries because they are being considered a risk. In other words, you can say that the countries that have high rate of infection but strict testing policy will still be able to travel better than those that have little infection but very casual testing policies. 

Countries with High Infection Rate

Some countries have completely failed to control the spread of the virus, such as India. India has been the center of the pandemic for quite a few months with millions of people being infected every single day. This has made other countries come to the conclusion that they will not allow any flights from India. In a similar way, other countries with similar conditions will face the same fate. What makes things worse is that even the people who have traveled recently to or from these countries will find themselves under strict monitoring from the governments. 

You can say that the airlines that were not able to operate from their country to abroad will not suffer even more because many of their destinations have completely blocked them. 

Countries with Poor Population

Some countries have a large portion of their population consisting of poor people. You can say that these airlines already struggled big time in getting customers to travel on their planes because most of the people chose to travel through trains. However, with infection rates on the rise, even the people who used to travel frequently by planes are now avoiding traveling at all costs. This has completely blocked the customer inflow for these airlines. They have already been blocked from traveling to other countries. In addition to that, they can’t travel within the country anymore either. 

The business has completely failed for these airlines and they can’t reduce the prices to cope up with the situation because they will be competing with the comfort of the trains and other means of transport in that case. 

Final Thoughts

Israel Figa has pointed out very aptly that certain countries will suffer more and also their airlines due to the coronavirus pandemic. You can say that the countries that are suffering from this fate right now include India, Pakistan, Brazil, etc.