What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, which is also known as ear pinning, is a procedure that many people choose to do to correct the shape of their ears.

If you think you are the only one trying to cover up your ears or are self-conscious about them, think again. Over twenty-thousand people undergo ear surgery each year, so you are not the only one suffering from protruding ears. All ears are different; however, it is very common for ears to develop with abnormalities

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Typically, after the age of five or six, ears are at their full size and are eligible for reconstructive surgery. There is no perfect age for one to get ear surgery; however, it is recommended that you correct ear abnormalities as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, Otoplasty is not the simplest plastic surgery procedure, which is why choosing the most qualified Otoplasty specialist from Sydney Dr Zurek is important. Ears are one of, if not the most complex structure of our faces. Luckily, Otoplasty can be performed at any age once your ears have finished developing.

Understanding the surgery

Otoplasty is a delicate surgery because ears are such a complex part of our face.

Your surgeon would begin by making a small incision behind the ear, between the head and the beginning of the ear. Once the incision is made, the plastic surgeon will remove cartilage and skin that is unwanted. Depending on the severity of the ears’ abnormality, the surgeon may also trim cartilage to correct ear shape and pin the cartilage back.

Again, depending on the structure of your ear, the surgeon may not remove any cartilage. Instead, stitches will be used to hold the cartilage in place.

Once the cartilage is sculpted into the desired shape, the Otoplasty specialist will insert sutures, to keep the ear in its desired position until the ear has completely healed.

What should you expect after your Otoplasty surgery?

Like many cosmetic procedures, you should expect to feel some discomfort. For individuals who sleep on their side or face down, they will need to readjust their sleeping habits until they’re able to put some pressure on the ears and surrounding area.

Most patients take about one week to recover from surgery. However, any excessive movement or exercise should be avoided for at least two weeks following surgery to ensure optimal healing. Your surgeon should inform you on any information regarding recovery time.

Are there any risks or scarring associated with Otoplasty?

Risks from ear surgery are typically minimal. However, some of the risks that have been reported are poor healing, infections or deformity recurrence. As for scarring, it is almost invisible to the naked eye; the scar is generally in the crease behind the ear.

What are you waiting for? Schedule you or your child’s ear surgery today!

The benefits of ear surgery are priceless. Ear surgery is one of the simplest to administer on children. If caught early, you will save your child from insecurity, embarrassment, anxiety, or any negative attention that comes with having protruding ears.