The Male Skin Solution and the Right Way for You

The skin reflects the various characteristics of the body, including sex. It is linked to genetic and hormonal factors that affect its structure and function, thus differentiating men’s and women’s skin. Until puberty, both have essentially the same skin.

What Happens in This Phase

During this phase, hormonal changes occur, and thus the skin differences become noticeable. The man has thicker, more oily skin, with enlarged pores, the sebaceous glands are larger and have a more significant number of collagen fibers, and due to hormonal changes, hair growth occurs on the face.

Skin Preparation

During the day, the skin perspires and accumulates impurities, and at the end of the day, it gathers oil, dust, pollution, and other dirt from the air. Impurities are the gateway to acne. It clogs the pores that respond with the appearance of inflammation, blackheads, and pimples. Therefore, daily washing with neutral pH soap or specific to your skin type is essential. Besides, anyone who suffers from the problem should consult a dermatologist. Acne can be caused by stress, misuse of cosmetics, vitamin deficiency, and poor diet. For each degree, treatment is recommended: anti-acne soaps, tonics, and even oral medications can be used to solve the problem. For skincare for men, you need to be sure.

The Right Male Problem

One of the significant male problems is called folliculitis: they are those red pimples, similar to pimples that appear after shaving. One way to prevent them, for those who use razors, is to shave only in the direction in which the hair grows. If the problem is more serious, it is worth investing in laser hair removal.

  • Avoiding products that contain alcohol in the formulation also helps to prevent irritation right after shaving.
  • Anyone interested in performing the procedure needs to take some essential precautions. For example, those who have sensitive skin should take extra care, as not using sunscreen and exposure to the sun, however small, can result in skin blemishes.

An important point to remember is that skin cleansing is very suitable for acne sufferers, as long as it is performed together with the use of anti-acne medications previously described by the dermatologist. In addition to controlling oiliness, it will also help to end the disease.


Beauticians also recommend performing the procedure with an interval between 30 to 40 days (typically, the skin is renewed in 28 days). The dead cells are constantly removed, and the skin always remains healthy. During this period, the advice is to wash your face with indicated products, such as neutral soap, twice a day.