4 Ways You Can Avoid Hair Loss

Bring home some amazing remedies for your hair loss and also help your scalp to regrow hair from the bald areas. Loosing hair could be a nightmare to most of us and there are natural ways to prevent it. One of the most important factors of hair loss is that it could be running in the family history. Thus, if you know your family history, take precautions to prevent it in your life.

Rogaine shampoo is one of the effective ways to prevent hair loss and enjoy hair regrowth. Read further and you would know some more effective ways to prevent hair loss.

4 Ways You Can Avoid Hair Loss:

  1. Get it oiled: Yes, we know it could look irritable as you would want a sticky scalp, but oil is essential for hair nourishment. It is one of the oldest and most effective ways to prevent hair loss.
  2. Eat and apply bananas: Bananas treat your hair most naturally. They are rich in protein and potassium. Mashed banana when applied on the root and tip of the hair gives magical results on hair growth.
  3. Grease it with mayonnaise: Just like a car needs greasing regularly to keep going, your hair needs mayonnaise too for the scalp to balance the hair growth and nourishment. Mayo acts like an amazing conditioner to the hair.
  4. Drink and use beer: Wash your hair with beer and drink beer! Leftover beer has some amazing benefits so do not let it go wasted in the garbage bin. Store some leftover beer in the spray box and spray some beer on your hair for instant shine and strengthening of the roots post shampooing.

There are oodles of natural substances helpful in preventing hair loss. We wish you beautiful results with Rogaine shampoo too!