Why Use Dental Implants?

When you lose a tooth or more than one even, it has a very immediate and obvious impact on your life. Eating becomes harder, speaking even becomes harder. You are self-conscious when you go out that others will see. Modern dentistry thankfully is less about pulling out teeth than it used to be, with no restorative process after. Estimates suggest that nearly ¾ of American adults that are over 35 and under 44 have at least one tooth missing! Seeing a dental implant dentist could be the best option for finding a better and permanent solution to having missing teeth.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is something a specialist dentist will embed into the jaw bone to replace one or more missing teeth. On top is the embedded part is a crown or denture, sometimes removable sometimes fixed. When the implant is fixed into the jaw, the bone grows around it, giving it the same kind of stability that a real tooth has. That part acts like the roots. The more successful restoration work sees implants with direct touch to the jaw bone. This is osseointegration. When it is all done and healed a person will be able to do everything they could with their natural teeth.

When do you need to visit a dental implant dentist?

In most cases, anyone who has one or several teeth missing can see a dentist and be a candidate for that implant. When deciding on what dental procedure is best for you, think about the following;

  • Do you have problems with eating or speaking properly?
  • Do you want something that is a more natural-looking replacement for your missing teeth?
  • Do you want something that is long term?
  • Do you want something that is fixed?
  • Do you need to restore the shape of your face?
  • Have you tried dentures and hated them?

If you are mostly answering yes then a dental implant could be the best thing you do.

Why are implants the best option?

Dental implants are becoming a more popular option so let’s look at why compared to other options like bridges or dentures.

  1. They better and more naturally fill in the face and look natural when you smile.
  2. An implant is more durable and designed to last for your lifetime as long as you follow the instructions of the dentist once you have them. Dentures and dental bridges do not have the same life.
  3. Less messing with your existing teeth since implants do not need to prepare adjacent teeth, but with bridges there is.
  4. Once you have an implant in and healed you can eat any food you want. They are as strong as a real tooth so there is less risk of them breaking. You do not have to worry about sticky foods pulling out an implant like those who wear dentures have to think about.
  5. Once healed you forget it has been done, it feels natural, there is no discomfort.
  6. Keeping the area clean with dental bridges takes commitment and can be hard. Implants just need cleaning as if they were regular teeth.


See a dental implant dentist today to find out more about the procedure itself. You can soon have the function and the smile you dreamed of!