What Is Nipple Reconstruction?

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So you’re seeking information on nipple reconstruction! Perhaps, you intend to opt for breast implants. Maybe, you’d like to fix your unsightly nipples. No matter the reason, getting familiar with the surgical procedure is a better bet. As well as clearing facts from myths, relevant information lets you know what the procedure is, how it goes, and its perks. If you need more information about nipple restructuring or construction, read below and find out.

What is nipple reconstruction?

It’s a surgical procedure wherein a surgeon restructures your nipple after surgical removal of your breast or mastectomy. The reconstruction procedure follows any type of breast surgery. After breast surgery, the nipple area needs treatment to match up with the newly structured or augmented breasts. Nipple’s reconstruction fixes any potential issues after surgery.

The procedure

Depending on the location and size of cancer, and the breast’s size, people can undergo a nipple-sparing mastectomy. If an individual has a total mastectomy, he may go for nipple or breast reconstruction. Usually, a surgeon will diagnose the health condition of the patient before rendering the procedure.

If the surgeon thinks that the person is an ideal candidate, he may tender the reconstruction surgery. During nipple reconstruction surgery, the surgeon will use skin from your breast or another part of your body. The skin will help to rebuild your nipple on top of your breast mound. The surgeon will try to build the new nipple to suit and match the shape, size, and color of the original nipple.

You may consult a surgeon to figure out the costs and the benefits of this cutting-edge procedure. There are many types of nipple reconstruction surgery. The surgeon will take into account your health condition and personal preferences and choose a suitable method that suits you the best.

Skin flap reconstruction

Here, the surgeon will raise small flaps of skin from the area where the intended nipple will locate. They’ll fold and sew together those skin flaps above the surrounding skin’s level. That will create a bump which will eventually translate into a new nipple. Nipples built through the skin flap method could flatten or retract over time. However, this isn’t harmful and people can opt for the second procedure to resolve the issue.

Skin graft reconstruction

To make a nipple from your skin graft, the surgeon will take a small piece of skin from another portion of your body. Usually, the skin from your buttocks, stomach, and inner thigh are taken to create the areola. Depending on the available skin tissue, the surgeon will construct the nipple from the breast mound’s skin. This method works well if there isn’t enough skin tissue on your breast mound to make both the areola and the nipple. Skin graft techniques can offer the best match for the texture and color of the natural nipple.

Bottom line

Nipple reconstruction is a follow-up procedure for breast surgery. It lets you rebuild your nipples as you wish. Just get familiar with the different types of reconstruction procedures to make an informed decision.