What Kind of Acne Treatment Options You need Now

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Face cream for adolescents with a greasy type of cover must have a “non-commandogenic” property, as well as be aimed at normalizing the functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Special attention should be paid to the mixed type of cover, which is prone to oiliness in certain areas of the face. Changing the type may depend on the seasons or the characteristics of the body. For proper care of the combined cover, it is necessary to alternate means periodically depending on the condition of the skin.

Needs more hydration than normal

It is very easy to determine the dry cover it looks dull, at times peeling appears, a feeling of tightness, sometimes itching may occur. The problem arises because on the face in insufficient quantities of sebum is produced, which regulates the exchange of moisture in the cells.

Problem cover

A special point in typology

If you think that problems can disappear on your own, then you are mistaken. With the appearance of Acne and a rash on the face, it is very important to consult a cosmetologist or a dermatologist, as well as the use of cosmetic creams rather than cosmetic creams for adolescents.

Teen facial creams should include

  • Zinc, seaweed and minerals, natural extracts have excellent antibacterial action
  • Natural ingredients that gently care for
  • Sunscreen SPF
  • Agaricic acid and other biological elements that have regenerative properties
  • Mineral components potassium, silicon, magnesium, can improve the structure of the problem cover and give it smoothness
  • Extracts of citrus, tea tree, honey are very effective for teenagers.
  • Vitamin complexes will help nourish dry cover or restore the balance of necessary substances, for example, in winter.

Substances that should NOT be part of teenage face creams

  • Alcohol
  • Synthetic substances clogging pores
  • Coenzyme, collagen, active anti-aging components
  • Hormonal components.

How to choose

  1. Choose a product that is designed for your age
  2. Natural ingredients will help to provide gentle care
  3. When choosing, always check yourself for sensitivity, in adolescents it is very often increased
  4. Choose products of well-known and high-quality cosmetic brands, you can not neglect the quality, especially when it comes to troubleshooting
  5. If possible, get the whole range of products for young skin, the cream is very effectively supplemented with lotions and gels from one collection.

How to apply

  • It is very important to be able to use the product correctly so that it not only benefits, but also does no harm
  • Do not be lazy to thoroughly clean the cover with the help of special products before applying the cream
  • Apply the product according to the manufacturer’s rules, distinguishing between the time of day, regularity of use and application technique
  • Allow time to soak, if there is a residue remove it with a napkin
  • Always wash before bedtime, cleansing at night will ensure the normal functioning of the cover, and the removal of cosmetics and “dirt” will open the pores and prevent inflammation
  • Use a sufficient amount of product for application, remember, a lot does not mean effectively.