Risks Factors That are Responsible for Hearing Loss

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Hearing or listening is one of the integral and essential parts of living. Hearing loss is not only a physical problem but has social consequences. Around 2 to 3 out of 1000 children in the US are born in detectable hearing loss in both ears or one ear. Often it is misunderstood that deaf children are born to parents those who have hearing problems. But it is found out that 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents. In fact, hearing loss occurs due to various reasons including the common causes like ageing and noise pollution or very loud noise. Therefore, whenever, you feel that you are developing hearing loss symptoms you need to immediately seek the assistance of your doctor or efficient audiology centres like Audiologie Centre Ouest in order to treat and improve your hearing.

There are various factors for damaging the nerve cells in the inner ear causing hearing loss such as ageing, loud noise, heredity, occupational noises, recreational noises, certain medications, and certain illnesses. Hearing loss due to ageing is a common factor which happens normally at the age between 60 to 69 of age group people. 

Another most common and important factor for hearing loss is the exposure to sound pollution or loud noises. You can develop hearing loss because of long-term exposure to sound noises or for a sudden blast of noise like a gunshot. The EPA or Environmental Protection Agency’s level of safe noise is 70 decibels. When you whisper your sound level is 30 decibels whereas normal conversation creates 60 decibels of noise. 

The louder the noise the less time it takes to cause damage leading to hearing loss. Your motorbike creates 95 decibels of sound and factors like a jackhammer, chain saw, symphony, rock concert etc. create 110 decibels of noise which are still counted safe range of noises. However, more than half an hour exposure to 110 decibels of sound and 15 minutes exposure to 115 decibels of noise is counted potential risks leading to hearing loss.

In some cases, hearing loss is caused because of genetic reasons which appear as you grow in age. Most cases of hearing loss are found through occupational noises. Jobs which produce regular loud noises like farming, factory or construction often contribute to hearing loss. Similarly, recreational noises like firearms and jet engines can result in immediate and permanent hearing loss. Drugs such as Viagra, antibiotic gentamicin and certain chemotherapy drugs can also cause hearing loss. Similarly, some illnesses like meningitis can also result in hearing loss.