How to Style Oily Hair

If you have oily hair, there are certain ways of styling your hair that can make the oiliness of your hair less obvious. Also, some ways of styling your hair can actually cause your hair to be oilier.

If your hair is lying against your face, this can cause the oil from your face to rub off on your hair and make the problem even worse!

So,what are the best ways to style your oily hair? The best ways you can style oily hair is to style your hair naturally, blow dry your hair, part your hair to the side and in a zig-zag, consider wearing an updo, or clip your hair back.

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Go all natural.

Honestly, a person with any hair type can benefit from keeping their hair all natural. Depending on the volume of your hair, it might be best to let your hair air dry and go as it is. Embrace your lovely, natural hair!

This keeps you from having to use potentially damaging heating products on your hair, and it saves you time in the morning! Even if you choose a best shampoo for oily hair go for natural ingredients shampoo.

Blow dry your hair.

If your hair tends to lie flat, then leaving your hair all natural might not be the best idea, since it will be lying against your face, and like we discussed earlier, this can cause the oils from your face to transfer to your hair. Instead, take a heat-protectant product (warning: watch out for products that contain oil or say things like “hydrating”), and place this throughout your hair.

I find that I have more control over where/how much of the product is put into my hair if I apply the product to my hands, and then apply the product to my hair with my hands. After applying the heat-protectant product, flip your hair over and blow dry it.

If you flip your hair over when you are blow drying it, it will create volume that lifts your hair away from your face. Tip: use the cool setting on your blow dryer to set your style in place.

Part your hair to the side and part it in a zig-zag.

Oil accumulates more on the roots of your hair than any other area of your hair because oils are produced from the pores on your scalp. If your hair is parted straight down the middle, the oil in your hair can be more visible.

In order to “hide” the oil a bit, part your hair to the side and part your hair in a zig-zag instead of a straight line.

Consider wearing an updo.

An updo will keep your hair off of your face, keeping your hair from getting oilier, and it will potentially hideoil that may be in your hair. There are many different updos; ponytails, buns, braids, and much more can be used for an updo.

Updos range from casual, such as a messy bun to formal, such as a braided updo. The good news is that there are tutorials online for most updos that you can think of!

Clip your hair back.

If you want to wear your hair down but don’t want it to fall on your face, you can use hair clips or bobby pens to clip back the hair closest to your face. Simply gather the hair that you want to clip back, pull it back to where you want it to be, and place a clip in your hair to hold it in place.

You can spray the hair clip or bobby pin with hair spray in order to help ensure that it holds your hair in place all day. If you want to have more fun with this style, braid or twist your hair before clipping it into place. You can also use fun clips to spice up this look!

Alright ladies and gents, those are the best ways to style your hair if your hair is greasy, in my opinion at least. I myself know how frustrating it can sometimes be if you have oily hair, but these ways of styling your hair can help mask the oiliness and even keep it from getting oilier throughout the day.

Always remember, your hair needs oils, so having oily hair really isn’t a bad thing. You simply need to know how to deal with it. Good luck, my friends!