It is Time You Get the Facts Right and Cease Being an Alcohol Addict

Many people wonder if it is possible to break free from alcohol addiction. In fact, recent findings show that over 17 million adults suffer an Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD) in the U.S. Findings highlight that 1 in 10 kids reside in a home with an alcoholic parent.

So, what is the major step towards breaking your alcoholic additions?

Having experienced the alcohol related problems that result from drinking too much, too often or even too fast, it’s time you officially get the facts right by deciding to change. Denying the truth can be a huge obstacle, you’ve got to count the cost of being addicted in terms of how it’s destroying your health, your quality of life, as well as how expensive it is to continue in the behaviour.Image result for It is Time You Get the Facts Right and Cease Being an Alcohol Addict

Here are the facts:

  • Your relationships will improve with less drinking or complete cessation,
  • You’ll have more energy and time for the activities and people that matter,
  • You will get sober ways to deal with anxiety, shame and life problems other than trying to ignore them.
  • You will heal the heartaches you have been causing your loved ones and be responsible in the family life.

So, what is the way forward?

Set realistic goals for real change

Having noted with experience that alcoholism is a downhill journey, you can now establish drinking goals. Do you want to cease completely, reduce your drinking, or drink only during holidays, answering these three questions will help get your goals clearer. It is sometimes hard instantaneously break from the addition, but with an expert’s guidance one can gradually get out of the behaviour successfully.

Declare your intensions and set a date

Let your family members, friends and workmates know you are dropping the habit and set a date for the exodus. It would be good to ask those around to avoid drinking in your presence or introduce situations that may lure you back. Be accountable to the people within your circle and let them reprimand you in case you want to deviate from your stand.

Be outspoken concerning your new limits

Make it crystal clear that you’ll not attend events where alcoholic drinks are served, besides that, let everybody know you are against and will not allow alcohol in your home. Learn from past unsuccessful attempts to quit and work on the particular reason that made you backslide.

Eliminate temptations

Besides cutting off alcoholic friends, barware of anything that may trigger alcoholic related memories at your home, in the car or office, and a dispose them; these could include gifts or households with alcohol related names. Keep of relatives that are not ready to accommodate the new you.

Medical supervision

Some people can cease from drinking on their own, however, the greater percentage require medical supervision for the process to be comfortable, effective and safe.  Counselling is one major aspect in addition treatment. Your health professional or primary care giver can also prescribe one of the approved medications in the list of these three; which include Disulfiram, Naltrexone and Acamprosate,  

You do not have to wait until you hit rock bottom to seek alcohol addiction treatment, if you are willing to get the right support you will recover faster than you may be thinking.