Do Snoring Aids Really Work? Know the Fact

There are dozens of snoring products that are available in the market. There are different kinds of devices as well. You can even take an anti-snoring spray to stop snoring. Different kinds of devices work in different ways. There are also many effective tips to stop snoring.

Associate Professor of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Kim Hutchison from the Department of Neurology at Oregon’s University of Health and Science in Portland, Ore said that some of these medicines are a little more medieval as compared to others, but some other devices have some basis.

She explains that when someone sleeps, the back of a person’s throat relaxes. Due to this, the airway is narrowed and as a person breathes in, the throat vibrates. There are many anti-snoring products that are aimed at opening up this airway or the different tunnels that lead to this. People with snoring problems can buy nose plugs that are hollow, which would prop the nostrils open instead of closing them.

Hutchison says that if the person has something like a deviated septum, then these snoring products might help them open their nose and stop snoring. She adds that these type of aids won’t help everyone as most of the snoring happens in your throat’s back.

There are some devices or anti snoring spray that forces the sleeper to turn on their sides.

Devices That Force People to Turn while Sleeping

Hutchison further adds that when a person sleeps on their back, their tongue blocks the airway a little like the balloon’s skinny part when air is let out. So, there are some devices like pillows and straps that would make a person sleeping on their back a little uncomfortable or poke them if they roll over.

Chin straps are also there, which reposition the jaw of the snorer in a way that opens the entire airway. This also might work for some, but chinstraps cover your entire mouth, which is a terrible idea as the person could choke, explains Dr. Richard Schwab, Pennsylvania Sleep Center’s director.

Hutchison believes that the poking devices might be of some help to some. Eventually the people would get into a habit of not sleeping on their backs. So, they don’t get woken up due to these poking devices.

Sleep Apnea and Cure

Schwab says that even snoring can create stress in one’s relationship. As it is an intermittent noise, it is hard to get over it. Due to losing so much sleep, they even can’t sleep in one bed!

Schwab adds that if it is routinely disturbing your partner, you should go and see a doctor. Don’t do the easy thing of going and buying an anti snoring spray because it is possible that you might have sleep apnea. This disorder, if untreated, could lead the patients to stroke, heart diseases or high blood pressure.

Snorers can also wear masks that are linked to snoring products like CPAP machines as they are very effective in keeping the airways open. Due to these continuous positive airway pressure machines or CPAPs, sleep apnea can be cured and the snorer doesn’t need to be shocked for it to work. This is one of the best products that can help you to stop snoring.