Tips to Strengthen Your Nail Growth

What makes your nails look sexy and classy? Any guesses? A long, slender, and natural healthy nail makes them look beautiful, elegant, and stylish. A manicured long nail talks a lot about your confidence and personality, and growing the long nails and maintaining them could be a challenge.

There could plenty of reasons why their nails could be different and there are ways to grow your nails, such as supplements, nail polish for nail growth, and much more.

Make your fingernails strong using supplements

As per many types of research, biotin can help to strengthen your brittle nails and it’s not recommended to take the supplement on daily basis. However, taking the supplements regularly might help to grow your nails stronger.

Some people believe that rubbing the garlic on the nails or brushing the nail polish containing the garlic could help to grow the nails longer, but this is not true. WebMD study says that garlic has selenium and the selenium levels can weaken the nails.

Conditioners might be a great help to keep your fingernails long

Make sure you keep your nails moist to prevent it from breaking, this could be possible in winter or fall when the air us dry and nails might split or crack. Paint a thin coat of transparent color or of any nail color just to be updated with the fashion and also to provide some moisture to your nails. The more moisture you give to the nails, the more they tend to grow healthier.

After washing your hands, it’s preferred to apply hand creams on your fingernails and hands. If possible make use of rubber hand gloves while washing dishes and wear woolen gloves when you step outside during winter months for protection.  

Follow a balanced diet

If you have a protein deficiency, it might be a reason to weaken your nail growth, but the worst part is taking protein might not help to increase the nail growth. However, it might take some time to regain the growth. Gelatin is a processed collagen and it’s a protein that helps to provide elasticity and strength to your cartilage, skin, ligaments, and tendons in your body. Toenails and fingernails are keratin made and this is a structural protein.

Ask the expert

Your nails do need some special attention and care that helps them to grow stronger and longer. If you’re concern about nail growth, make sure you visit a dermatologist and determine if there’s any health issue that’s affecting your nail growth.

Use the alternate method

The other trick to improve your nail growth is by applying nail polish for nail growth, which helps to prevent crack, split, and much more. It has the rigorous strengthening formula that helps to stimulate the nail growth by providing flexibility and elasticity and protect against the damage, splitting, and breakage.

The stimulating formula is included with hydrolyzed soy protein and hydrolyzed wheat protein that helps to strengthen the nail growth. It makes you feel and enjoy the look of your nail that appears natural, vital, and strong in a couple of weeks.