Purchasing eyeglasses online remains an attractive alternative


Optometrists are not perfect and often buying online, is just as good an option. Let’s explain why:

Several years ago I went for an eye test. The problem is that optometrists are so used to do those test several times a day that they tend to go through that process very quickly. This can make it very difficult for individuals to make a snap decision between one lens and another. This can result in eyeglasses which are slightly out of focus because a minor error has been made during the eye testing process. When I went back to the optometrists they obviously were not happy but they did do the test again and this resulted in eyeglasses which were considerably better. There are many optometrists which will not allow people to return eyeglasses. This will never happen when purchasing eyeglasses online from sites such as GlassesShop.com. The majority of them accept returns and they will allow exchanges to be made within an acceptable time frame. There are many reputable online retailers which will even include a free return shipping label. Many of them will also offer a no questions asked return policy in the event that consumers are unhappy with those glasses for whatever reason. There are many reputable retailers that will give consumers as much as 14 days to come to a final decision whether they want to keep those eyeglasses which they have purchased. When you send it back you can either get a full refund or you will receive credit in that store and no questions will be asked about how or why.

What happens with conventional shopping?

In most cases, you will go to a local store where you will proceed to try out a whole bunch of preselected frames. Eventually, you will have to make a selection or the store might offer to order additional frames. The consumer will then go home and hopefully, after a couple of weeks, the eyeglasses will be ready. They will then have to return to the store to take possession of their eyeglasses. Even then there could be some problems such as frames which are too tight or you might have a problem where the lenses are giving you headaches. This will leave you with no other option but to return to the store for adjustments to be made. It is entirely possible that this process can become tedious and frustrating. You may be required to make several trips to that store before your problem is resolved. These hassles can be avoided by ordering frames online. You can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your own home and the eyeglasses can be delivered to your front door. This is so much more convenient, simple and hassle-free.

How to choose frames online?

There are many people who are concerned about not being able to personally try all of those frames when purchasing online. Many people care about their image and they want to be able to see how they will look with some of those frames. Many of the online sites provide users with virtual try-on. This is done by making use of a virtual mirror. All you have to do is to upload a photo of your own face in order to allow you to see how you will look with that frame. If you still encounter problems and are unsatisfied with the end result you can return them free of charge and you will receive a full refund. You have to understand how an optometrist function. They do not make any money on those eye exams. Their money comes from selling you expensive frames and a wide range of expensive options as far as lenses are concerned. This is why they will always have salespeople in the store who will attempt to entice you into purchasing eyeglasses which will end up costing you a lot of money.

Getting your own way

Those salespeople may not understand your individual style or personality. They might also be biased because of their own opinions about what they consider to be best for you. This can lead to a very awkward situation especially when it makes you feel as if they are trying to sell you glasses which is simply not compatible with whom and what you are. People who have been wearing eyeglasses for many years already have an excellent idea of exactly what is working for them. They may prefer rimless glasses or designer glasses and when you already have this knowledge it might not be that difficult to find something which is suitable online. The reality is that increasing numbers of people are now shopping for eyeglasses online and many of them are extremely satisfied with the end result and also the competitive prices which are charged.