What does anxiety do to your brain?

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We all come across the term anxiety frequently, we often discuss it, but very few know how harmful it is to our brain and why it needs to be treated at an early stage. Why do people recommend you going to a therapist if it is not serious?

Our brain has evolved since years, we learned hunting, gathering foods, communication, and language all because of our brain. The human brain is a superpower that can do anything. On the other hand, human brains are too sensitive. Many times we don’t even know that some things are affecting us, but our brain will start reacting to it without our knowledge.

Similarly, we simply react to anxiety, but we never know what our brain is going through. The fear and flight center when activated secretes a chemical known as adrenaline, which directly affects the brain and other vital organs. The learned behavior in childhood that is stored is recalled by brain and brain starts acting accordingly, and we react to the situation according to those behaviors. The emotional centers of the brain start reacting, and we start having mood swings and are emotionally unstable. The emotional centers make our bad memories come back, which were deep down buried.

The cerebrum that starts thought process gets signals from the different reactions going on, and then these centers are activated and we start getting hooked up in our own thoughts leading to overthinking. The other centers that regulate the heart and blood flow are also affected, which increases the heartbeat and rises up the blood pressure. The secretion of other hormones like insulin is also affected by the brain centers that cause diabetes if this condition persists.

Role of Anxiety therapist

The therapists those treat anxiety try to play with your brain and calm these centres through their therapies. The therapist will talk to you, try to inhibit the thought process, especially the negative ones, and try giving you therapies to avoid the further damages caused by anxiety and save other organs from damage.

Therefore, if you are suffering from such anxiety problems, it’s better to opt for therapies to get cured fast.