Do face masks work against the coronavirus and should you wear one ...

The pandemic COVID-19 which is also popularly known as the Coronavirus is believed to have spread from China. The major caused behind this pandemic is severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2. The outbreak of COVID-19 was reported by China in December 2019 to the World Health Organization (WHO). The birthplace of this disease is Wuhan. Though the first case was traced back on 17 November’2019 after successive research and going through the massive outcome of the disease, WHO has declared the outbreak of this disease as an emergency international concern to deal with public health followed by its declaration as a pandemic when all the countries got hugely affected by this disease. 

Though the mortality rate has gone down a bit in recent times, yet this disease has witnessed the loss of lives all around the globe in a massive count. With the progress of time, using safety measures like the KN95 Mask made in China hand gloves, maintaining social distancing, however, following a lockdown for several days the mortality rate is cutting down with a little flatten curve then the peak ones of the initial days of the outbreak of people getting affected due to it. The good news is the number of people who are getting cured is increasing as well. Researchers and scientists all around the globe are trying it day in and day out to find a proper suitable medication for its cure and vaccination to prevent it. Hoping for the sun to rise again very soon shortly with the advent of the vaccination.

The virus is generally passed between people during close contact or even if they are not in contact but from the small droplets produced by the sneezing, coughing, and talking of the infected person to the uninfected individual. This has increased the severity of the disease by manifolds. The small droplets usually fall to the ground or onto the surfaces touching which followed by touching their faces there are high chances for the uninfected individual to get affected. More than traveling over longer distances, as the droplets fall on the surface so the chances of contamination increases for the individuals who come in contact with the contaminated surface.

Here comes the use of gloves and KN95 Mask China for maintenance of personal hygiene. The spread of the disease is more contagious during the initial three days and after the symptoms are visible. However, even it can happen before the visibility of the symptoms from the asymptomatic but infected people. Going out cannot be avoided but protection is a must. The use of the KN95 Mask has been marked as a mandate to prevent the spreading of the disease. A KN95 Mask or respirator is a particulate filtering piece of face respirator that meets all the criteria and classifications which have been set up by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of filtration of air. The masks if used properly then it helps to filter as a minimum of ninety-five percent of the airborne particles.