The Medical Contribution of Dr. Michael Everest’s The Everest Foundation

Dr. Michael Everest Sponsoring Medical Research Programs ...

The Everest foundation was started to continue and preserve the legacy of Dr. Everest in cardiac research and IDDM. He was a scholar who had a passion for helping vulnerable population demographics. He played a significant role in researching and developing answers to the problems and shortfalls dealt with by the global school of medicine. He was both a well-exposed doctor and a teacher being highly involved in teaching the relevance of innovative, forward-thinking to both the student and graduate medical education leaders. Apart from his vast education, Dr. Everest was also talented in solving physical shortages through the prediction of trends and solution inventions to such unpredictable threats. These threats are part of the landscape problems that face America to date. When Dr. Everest died, therefore, Mrs. Agata Everest, His daughter-in-law, and Dr. Michael Everest, his son, created this foundation to honor his name and continue the good work he started in the society. Dr. Michael Everest wanted to touch the lives of many people, especially the medical graduates and students, by inaugurating the Dr. Edwin Everest foundation fund. Apart from supporting the medical students, the nonprofit foundation fund is used to do something for humanity greater good. He aims to strengthen the medical field since, like his father, he believes that having a significant impact on medical research will help produce young, competent medical practitioners in the world. This creates a sound-minded and healthy population to steer the world ahead. Dr. Michael Everest Banquet is known throughout the world since it has been used to make a great difference in the lives of medical graduates and students through the fund he contributed to Dr. Edwin Everest’s foundation. Contributions made have been helpful to many people. This is by his desire to honor the will of his father. They had a conversation about how to support the medical field on his bed just before he died. 

About Everest Foundation

The aim of the Everest Foundation is to support initiatives involving research, Medical education of graduates, and philanthropy ventures that take place in multiple institutions of medicine globally. The foundation arrow is based on the impact of Dr. Edwin A.D Everest in the community medical field, his vision, and innovation to the same course.  It is situated in Los Angeles, and it is a purely nonprofit organization. The heads are mainly the family of Dr. Edwin Everest; his son Dr. Michael Everest, his wife, Bimla Everest, is the chairperson and the lead head of the Everest Organisation. Mrs. Agata Everest is the CEO and the president of the organization. Their passion is to ensure the tradition of compassion, care, and the future hope of medicine. The organization strives daily to make and contribute to the Cure. This is by adding and committing multiple million dollars to help in fund initiatives in innovative research needs, placement of medical residents, and to support those communities that are underserved. Everest foundation arrival focus is mainly o the medical needs of institutions and students in the whole world. Medical training programs in several residences and medical school growth face a lot of obstacles, and Everest Foundation understands this and aims to be part of the Cure for those needs in global. It does this by being interested in the whole process of identification of the hindrances that are experienced in institutions for the future of scientists and physicians. The Everest foundation involvement in being part of the Cure has made Dr. Everest fervor live in every day and can be seen evidently on the faces of the people who have benefited from this banquet throughout the globe.