Hyperbaric Medicine for Brain Performance

Although the brain only accounts for around 2% of body mass, it receives 20% of the volume of blood pumped around the body by the heart. The reason is that brain function requires a steady supply of large volumes of oxygen, and if supply is disrupted or gradually deteriorates, actual cognitive and physical impairments may arise. Two variables go hand-in-hand: Oxygen levels and brain function. When brain has sufficient oxygen, your body acts better. More blood oxygen levels, means your cognitive function improves, you have steady balance and the overall health improves significantly.

It has been shown that significantly decreased oxygen pressure in brain tissues is tightly related to cognitive decline in aging individuals. Cognitive decline may interfere with everyday life as it affects learning, understand on new concepts, execute daily tasks such as making daily decisions or even a simple task as reading – these are just a few examples of how our brain functioning changes as part of natural processes.

What You Can Do to Improve Cognitive Performance as You Age

Whereas natural biological processes cannot be reversed, there are ways in which you could slow down the brain aging process to start taking care of yourself and how you feel mentally and physically. It is very recommended to never stop challenging your brain to improve brain plasticity and its ability to adjust to any situation, innovative and unfamiliar as it may be – take a new course, don’t stop reading and being revealed to new information, try word puzzles – all of these would do. In addition, exercise is strongly recommended as well, as it has been shown to plump up the hippocampus, which is the brain region in charge of learning and memory generation. If you feel like you’d like to push even more, today, thanks to new emerging technologies, it’s also possible. 

An Innovative Approach to Brain Performance – Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric medicine is one discipline that has been grabbing a lot of attention over the past few years. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment performed in pressurized room when patient breath pure oxygen. Atmospheric pressure levels are adjusted by physician to allow the body absorb more oxygen. Air pressure is increased triple times higher than normal Inside the HBOT chamber. This approach facilitates enhanced oxygen absorption by the body and more specifically, by the brain’s tissues. Increased tissue oxygen uptake may account for slowing down of cognitive decline as it encourages tissue rejuvenation and metabolic efficiency. 

Where to Get HBOT Done

As hyperbaric chambers may be available in multiple healthcare facilities, it is still not enough to guarantee brain performance oriented HBOT is being conducted. It is important to schedule a consultation meeting at a brain performance center or a HBOT center that specializes in brain performance protocols and therapies. Aviv Clinics is one leading example of an HBOT center which focuses on brain and cognitive health in particular, with the help of some of the top tier certified professionals in the field. Located in various central locations around the globe, initiating your first session only gets easier with time.