How to keep gums healthy?

Oral health is highly important for the overall health of a person. And oral health starts from your mouth, here, we are not talking about cavities or your health. We are talking about gums, the health of the gums play a vital role in the health of your mouth. Just because you are cavity-free does not mean you do not develop gum diseases.

Gums are the most ignored part of the mouth. Healthy gums are essential for supporting the teeth and maintain proper oral health. Gums are usually affected because of the bacteria found in plaque and tartar. A prolonged and serious gum related issues can result in developing problems like heart stroke, diabetics, etc.  Hence one has to take steps to keeps the gums healthy to avoid suffering from any serious health issues.

Ways to keep the gums healthy

  1. Dental Checkups: most of us are under the misconception that dental checks up are necessary only when you issues like cavities, crooked teeth, etc. But in fact, a regular dental check-up saves you the trouble of developing these issues. A dentist is a trained doctor, who can easily identify problems at an early stage. Visiting best dentist near Milwaukee will help you get clear instructions as to what needs to be done to maintain the health of the gums.
  2. 2. Brushing: it is known that brushing twice a day is important for oral hygiene. But the type of brush you use can also affect the health of gums. Toothbrushes with soft bristles must be preferred as they stimulate the gums and clean the areas that are hard to reach. Additional if you have developed any tartar, get a professional dental cleaning to avoid gum diseases.
  3. Flossing: Brushing your teeth twice a day is not sufficient anymore. Start developing a habit of flossing. Use of dental floss at least once a day helps remove plaque and foods that cannot be reached by the brush. Flossing and removing plaque avoids the development of tartar and in return helps maintain healthy gums.
  4. Using mouthwashes: one other simple way to avoid gum diseases is start using mouthwashes. Mouthwashes are of two types namely, cosmetic and therapeutic. It is highly recommended by oral experts to use therapeutic mouthwashes for maintaining oral hygiene. A therapeutic mouthwash can help reduce the amount of tartar, plaque on the teeth by removing food particles from the mouth and thus maintaining the health of the gums.
  5. Watch what you eat: the food we intake can contribute to oral diseases like tooth decay. So protecting your teeth is necessary for gums and oral health. Eat calcium-rich food like milk and yogurt (curds). Calcium gives strength of the gums and tooth roots, which are necessary for the health of your mouth.  At the same time avoid eating sweets, like candies, pastries, chocolates, etc. The best way to reduce the effect of sweets on your gums is by washing your mouth after eating them.


Gums are an important part of a mouth that possesses a risk to the health of a person if not maintained properly. There are a lot of reasons affecting the gums of teeth such as smoking, genetics, stress, nutrition, obesity and etc. A dentist can identify the root cause for the gum problem and treat it at an earlier stage. Hence, It is suggested that a person visit a dentist regularly to maintain the health of gums and avoid unnecessary health issues.