Guide to Choosing a Hair Loss Treatment Solution

Hair loss is common, but it’s still hard for everyone that goes through it. If you’re experiencing hair loss, you can probably relate to the feelings. You might have tried a few different solutions already. You might have tried vitamins, supplements, and even creams just to get your hair to keep from falling out. If you feel like nothing is quite working, you might need to know about some newer treatments that are much more likely to keep you successful in treating your hair loss.

As female hair loss in London is relatively common, salons and studios in the area have dedicated a lot of research, time, and experimentation to finding you the best solutions for hair loss treatment. There are a few different options as a result, and while not all of them work for everyone, there will most likely be something that will work for you.


Not all hair loss treatment solutions necessarily have to be complex and involve chemicals. In fact, some of the simplest solutions involve a simple process. The extension can be made from synthetic or real hair, and is usually applied using a micro braiding technique, which is new in the extension process, as opposed to using other things like glues in order to get the extensions applied to the existing hair.

Salon experts are professionals when it comes to applying extensions, and they’re also extremely affordable. This is a beneficial solution for anyone who doesn’t want to have to deal with radical techniques that involve chemicals.

Enhancing Systems

In some salons, hair stylists have another option, which is similar to extensions but is entirely more comprehensive, and much more detailed. These salon experts apply real human hair to your existing hair, using a special mesh, or tape, in order to safely secure the hair in places where there is no hair at all. This solution can be combined with several other solutions, such as supplements or special shampoos, or even drugs that are designed to create hair growth on the top of your head.

Since older enhancing systems used glues and harmful chemicals, these new systems avoid all of that by using safer methods. This way you won’t risk hurting your real hair while you wait for it to grow back. This can be a great solution if you’re undergoing immense medical treatment, such as chemotherapy or some other form of radiation, in which your hair will eventually grow back.


There are also several different types of medicines to choose from. You’ve probably heard of several of them, and they all claim to work in growing your hair back quickly, with the same thickness it used to have. At salons, stylists have experience with these kinds of drugs, and they have important insights on which ones work really well, and which ones seem to not work as well. They can help you pick out a medicine to start using. However, you should always consult a physician prior to taking any medicine, especially if you’re prone to illnesses or are pregnant.