3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme

7.5-inch wheels perfect for easy indoor and outdoor usage

The 3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme has a myriad of features which makes it really a best friend for the all the elderly. The biggest advantage of the rollator is that it only weighs 13 lbs and thanks to the aluminium frame which makes this walking aid so light in weight. Though it just weighs few pounds but the strength of the 3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme is highly commendable. It turns out; the walking aid can actually bear up to 300 pounds of weight. With a throng of exciting features and a sleek convenient design, this walking aid is one of the best rollators available in the market and it is highly recommended by the experts.

Highly Convenient to use: Rollators are often dubbed as the best type of walkers since they are light in weight and have wheels attached to them which make it easy for the senior people to walk freely. With the rollators you can also move faster than usual as all you need to do is to push them; thus the convenience of using the rollators is truly undeniable. When it comes to the walkers which are highly convenient to use, then the 3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme is one of the top picks for the list. This particular rollator is very light in weight and it is equipped with 7.5-inch caster wheels that make it perfect for outdoor and indoor usage. Moreover, it comes with a standard carrying pouch which enables you to carry the grocery stuff easily when you are on your shopping trail. With this Winnie Lite walking aid, you will be able to adjust the heights and the handles as per your convenience; and you will be able to fold the rollator easily with just a hand. So if you are looking for a user-friendly rollator then 3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme surely deserves your serious consideration.

The Good: The Winnie Lite Supreme 3 wheel rollator makes moving around very easy and makes it highly convenient for you to go places without any help from others. The major USP of this rollator is its light body and immensely strong as well as sleek design. Though it is too hard for you to believe but as we stated before this walking aid weighs just 13 pounds but it has the capacity to carry a load of 300 pounds without any problem. So if you are worried about the durability and the strength of the rollator then you should definitely stop worrying. The another noteworthy feature of this rollator is its 7.5-inch casters wheels with which you can move in and out of your house freely without any problem. Moreover, the aluminium casting is built with a loop lock design which prevents you from worrying about its safety. It also comes with a standard sized pouch where you can hold your grocery items easily while shopping. The handles of the rollator and its size can be adjusted without any hassles; so the convenience of using this 3 wheeled walker is very high. And it can be folded straightforwardly with one hand; so when it is not in use just fold it and keep it safe.

The Bad: Many users have pointed out that the rollator would have been a complete ecstasy to use if it was equipped with the seat; while few have complained about the brakes not working properly. Otherwise, no such problems have been recorded regarding the product.

Overall Verdict: As the dusk of life approaches and the bright shine of youthfulness fade away, several problems get incurred upon us human beings. And losing the ability to move freely without help is one such big hurdle that life throws at most of the aged individuals. But the 3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme, is absolutely a blessing for the elderly people who are unable to walk freely without proper aid. Now, every product has few problems and the problems mostly vary with the perspective of the people. However, in the case of this walking aid; we can assure you utmost satiety; since it will make you relieve your free days all over again. Bring home the 3 Wheel Aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme and live your life freely as well as happily.