WHY you must Visit an Audiologist for Your Hearing Aids

Auditory rehabilitation

Currently, hearing aids and cochlear implants are the most widely available rehabilitation option for those suffering from hearing loss or hearing impairment, however, many people are unable to adapt to their use, because with the use of these devices, it is possible hearing sounds better, but not identifying them and understanding well what the people with whom they are related are saying, which generates a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction.

Hearing rehabilitation consists of giving people the ability to understand and correctly identify the different sounds and voices in their environment, even in situations with a lot of background noise, through exercise and recovery sessions. Hearing rehabilitation services focus on helping the person tolerate hearing loss, make the best use of hearing aids, explore assistive hearing technology that may be of use to them, adjust to the conversation, and take charge of their communication.

An Audiologists Experts provide hearing rehabilitation services for all ages throughout the treatment process

There are many types of hearing aids for sale without a prescription in different well-known stores. However, these hearing aids can be bulky, uncomfortable, outdated and are basically a “one size fits all” solution. Although it may seem convenient to purchase hearing aids at your nearby convenience store, you assume the risk of misdiagnosing your hearing loss and not getting the proper hearing aids and treatment you need for your type and severity of hearing loss.

The “one-size-fits-all” solution in convenience stores is often hearing aids that only amplify sounds. Unfortunately, people with hearing loss often need more than that to properly treat their deafness. For example, people who develop hearing loss as they age may find that they do not hear children’s voices or other high-pitched sounds. A non-specialist hearing aid designed for general use can cause even greater hearing loss for these patients by amplifying and reproducing high-pitched sounds at a harmful volume.

Contrary to buying hearing aids without a prescription, a visit to an audiologist will provide you with an expert medical diagnosis and opinion. There are many different types of hearing loss, each related to the specific area of ​​the ear that is injured. In addition to these categories, each personal case of hearing loss is unique, as no two people have been equally exposed to harmful sounds or other types of damage. An audiologist can perform tests to isolate the specific circumstances of your hearing loss. This way you can accurately determine the tones and tones that are difficult for you to hear. The result is that they can prescribe a hearing aid that best meets your unique needs. An audiologist will be able to help you customize your hearing aids and adapt them so that you have the best possible comfort.

Also, if you are worried about the financial aspect of visiting an audiologist, don’t worry! Many insurance plans cover the costs of tests, examinations, and sometimes even the hearing aids themselves.

If you or a loved one is thinking about purchasing hearing aids, or seeking treatment for hearing loss, speak to an audiologist.