General Trends of Cosmetic Procedures in Australia

The recent trends noticed in the cosmetic surgery procedures would make one compare it with hairstyles. They just come and go. Before you complete your research about a particular cosmetic surgery procedure to figure out whether you really need it or not, you would find it gone or got replaced with a new procedure.

Reports indicate that the demand for cosmetic surgeries is on the rise across the globe. It seems that plastic surgery is not something that is unique to the developed nations these days. You can see a growing trend for cosmetic surgeries even in the developing countries. Well, let’s take a look at the recent trends in cosmetic surgeries in Australia. A recent survey conducted among the qualified surgeons in Sydney, the capital city of Australia, brings up quite interesting facts. Image result for General Trends of Cosmetic Procedures in Australia

Top Most Sought After Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Australia

According to the report, breast implants top the chart of top five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures conducted in Australia. The Australians pay about $8,130 on an average for this cosmetic procedure. The second place goes to liposuction. The average cost for a liposuction procedure is $5,067. Other common cosmetic surgery procedures that occupied their places in the chart include eyelid surgery, tummy tuck and rhinoplasty.

For eyelid surgery, the Australians pay around $4,536. The average cost of Tummy tuck and Rhinoplasty are $7,405 and $7,832 respectively. There are a lot of people who are against breast implants in the country and there has been a decline of 33% in the popularity for this plastic surgery procedure in the last year. Nonetheless, it is still considered as the most demanded cosmetic procedure in the country. 

While gynecomastia procedure is getting quite popular across Europe and the Americas and is even getting placed in the top 5 most sought after plastic surgery procedures there, it has only managed to make it into the top 10 chart in Australia. The report indicates that there has been a 6% rise in the demand for gynecomastia procedures in Australia in the last year. 

Can multiple cosmetic procedures done at the same time? 

It is true that most people would want to have multiple plastic surgery procedures done simultaneously these days. The advantage with multiple surgeries performed simultaneously or back to back is that you can minimize the post- surgery rest and even reduce some expense. But the qualified surgeons in Sydney do not really recommend this. In their opinion, long anesthetic session can increase the potential for complication. When there are multiple procedures to be performed, one has to be put into the anesthetic session for a longer period. The common risks associated with multiple surgical procedures include thrombosis and infection on the surgical sites. 

If one wants to do two surgeries and both require less amount of surgical time, for instance, minor liposuction and facelift surgeries, then one can seek the advice of any qualified surgeons in Sydney or whatever location where he wants to do the procedure and proceed with their approval. For certain types of abdominal liposuction, a local anesthesia would be enough. But it complicated surgeries like breast implants are always recommended to be done alone.