The Dental Implants Can Build and Restore Your Confidence and Self Esteem

Dental implants are made from titanium and look like natural teeth. They are permanent and artificial replacement of a missing tooth. Adults can use this treatment instead of opting for dentures to replace missing set of teeth.

Unlike dentures, dental implants independently support themselves when placed in the pockets of teeth through surgery. Tooth loss can occur due to various reasons like injury, accident, aging, decay of teeth, or periodontal disease. The bones inside the jaw must be of good condition to get this treatment. When one or more than one teeth are missing, you can go for the dental implants.

Single or all missing teeth

Implants are also supported by bridges and dentures. However, the most effective dental implants are the ones which are surgically placed inside the jawbone. You can use dental implants for replacing single missing teeth or the entire set of teeth.

If there are deformities of the bone in the jaw, using a dental implant will not be possible. In case of bone deformities, the ridges are filled with the bone like tissue and then the teeth are implanted surgically. Modification of ridges in these cases helps in building the implants, which are long lasting.

What dental implants can withstand

  • Biting, chewing, and all kinds of oral activities.
  • The other set of natural teeth are not affected with the dental implants.
  • Bone structure is preserved with implants
  • They do not alter the structure of the face or the jawbone.
  • You don’t have to hide from people when you get an implant.
  • You can smile more confidently when you get this treatment.
  • There are umpteen brands of dental implants available.
  • Each brand is different from each other.
  • Choosing a dental implant brand is an individual choice.
  • A few are sand-blasted and a few are acid-fetched.
  • Your cosmetic dentist is going to use implants from the manufacturers they trust.
  • You must discuss with the dentist about your condition before getting an implant.

Hard biting is possible with implants

The Dr St-Onge implants dentaires is a reliable option to get dental implants. Since, they are permanent replacements of the teeth, you don’t have to worry about the impact of the variety of foods that you eat or drink.

You only have to ensure that you are taking regular care of your dental hygiene by flossing and brushing as needed. Regular visits to the dentist for a cleanup is essential post the implant.


These are the best treatment for replacing the missing teeth. You can find a reliable cosmetic dentist for this treatment and get a good set of natural looking teeth. Check out for booking appointment.